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nss G-Club March horoscope

With the sensitivity of Pisces and the determination of Aries, what do have the stars in store for you this month?

nss G-Club March horoscope With the sensitivity of Pisces and the determination of Aries, what do have the stars in store for you this month?

Bonjour Les Filles! nss G-Club March horoscope is finally here and we can't wait to share it with you. It will be a month divided between the sensitivity of Pisces and the determination of Aries. What will the stars hold for you in this period? Our astrological predictions sign by sign are here for you!



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Good vibes only! March is a good time to start over in many fields, take advantage of it and don't miss this opportunity, we all know that you are always the first to start new adventures! Sometimes you may feel like you want to kill someone, but it's completely normal. Breathe and everything will be fine. In the second part of the month, the sun will enter your sign and bring you some very special moments.  
It's time for new adventures. 


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Venus, the planet of love and feelings, enters Taurus! This means that you are officially the sexiest and most irresistible sign of the zodiac. They all feel attracted to you, it will also be your savoir-faire and your super hot look, but it is your personality that shines! You feel like a force of nature and you know that in this period you can do everything you want! Keep it up!! 
Your personality is irresistible. 


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It will be a month of ups and downs in many fields, but above all in love and work. Don't think about it too much and relax, the situation will unlock soon. It is a good time to learn new things though, focus on this. Sometimes a little bit of healthy chill is perfect to clear ideas and to start again! 
Don't overthink, just chill. 



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Less is more! Especially when it comes to money ... be careful and don't be a spendthrift! Friendships are at the top and in general relationships release good vibes. It is a positive period after all unless you decide to invest all your savings in a momentary obsession. Forget it!!! 
Don't get caught up in temporary obsessions. 


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This is a month of preparation for the next, which will certainly be better. Not because March will be a bad month, but nothing will happen! Enjoy this flat calm, take care of yourself and prepare for the next few months that will be more busy and satisfying, especially in love and work. 
You're working for your future. 


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A super positive period. Keep on dreaming big and achieving your goals step by step. Even if you are afraid of not having everything under control, this month the pieces will begin to match and the points will join. There is no reason to worry because, after all, everything will be fine, trust me! 
Don't worry and dream big. 


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This period for you is characterized by great energy that will lead you to work hard and accept your responsibilities in many fields such as love and work. For this reason, you may feel a little under pressure but no worries, try to channel all this into positive energy for the following months. Who goes slowly, goes healthy and goes away dear Libra, do not be afraid! 
Who goes slow and steadily wins the race. 


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This month is characterized by a strong influence of the planet Venus, a symbol of love and feelings. For this reason, the relationships in your life will be more positive than in the past months, you feel ready to communicate more with people and this is highly appreciated by everyone around you. You may even feel less jealous, but what's happening? The whole zodiac is proud of you!! 
So much love and no jealousy. 


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It is an excellent time to put your ideas into practice. Over the course of the month, you will be able to feel perfectly able to find ways to achieve your goals, and everything will seem much simpler than you thought. It is a great time to plan your future moves. A piece of small advice, however, try to keep your feet on the ground and not go overboard with your imagination, there is a need for rationality here!
Try to keep your feet on the ground. 


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This Venus brings a very strong positive energy with regards to relationships. At this moment more than ever you will feel connected with other people and you will be able to enjoy the company of friends. It is also an excellent time to do some decluttering of material things that you no longer need. You will be so orderly and judicious that even Marie Kondo will be proud of you! 
Sparking joy. 


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The beginning of this month will be a little tiring, your patience will be scarce and your nerves will be unstable. Your polemical and revolutionary attitude will play an important role here! However, try not to overdo your conspiracy theories or everyone around you will look at you like an alien. Fortunately, an uphill period begins in the middle of the month, a sort of rebirth and personal growth. And relationships with others will also be much better. 
It's all highs and lows. 


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This month is all about your social life. Pisces love to be in company, but then they need to spend time alone to regain their strength. This month, however, will be different! Strong connections will be felt with others, the time spent with friends will be very pleasant and you will feel more inclined to express your sweetness and your feelings. It's a good time to fall in love and go beyond your sentimental and social limits, yay!
Your social life is on fire, you might even find love. 


Illustrations by Ilaria Colombo