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The horoscope by nss G-Club: February edition

To get ready for the month of Valentine's Day and Carnival

The horoscope by nss G-Club: February edition To get ready for the month of Valentine's Day and Carnival

Hello girls! Welcome back with our horoscope of the month, February edition.

The editorial staff of nss G-Club felt you a little bit disoriented for your imminent future and therefore we are ready to guide you along the second month of 2020.

February is commonly the month of Valentine's Day and Carnival, events that often make us confused, because sometimes love can make (not so funny) jokes. However, astrologically speaking, this is the month that sees the signs of Aquarius and Pisces as protagonists. The first one is an air sign, characterized by nonconformity and originality, Pisces instead is a water sign, very sentimental and emotional. Therefore, we will have an explosive mix of surprises and emotions, so let's find out together, sign by sign, what's happening!

According to the predictions for the month, to each sign we assigned a special lipstick to make you shine more than ever, and a motivational quote to get you inspired on how to deal with the month.



Rouge Coco by Chanel
Hey sparkling queen, magic is on your side this month. You spread super positive energy, your ideas-bulb lights up continuously, creating a discoball effect wherever you are! All the projects that your brilliant mind gives birth to, can come true, both because the stars are on your side but also because hard work is in your DNA. Just listen to your inner voice and you will get to the destination you set for yourself. Beep-beep, get out of the way!
You can do anything you want.



Lipglass by Mac
What's going on? This month you are so serious and focused on your job that even Miranda from Sex & The City wouldn't do. If you do not let yourself into the pleasures of life, you will go crazy, I'm telling you! Whether it's practicing Netflix & chill - alone or in company - or treat yourself with a facial cleansing in the hands of a professional, you need to take care of yourself. Spoil yourself a little, come on!
Treat Yourself.



Matte Lip Kit by Kylie Cosmetics
So many love letters from secret admirers have arrived in the Gemini's inbox - you are extremely irresistible! Love is in the air, everyone wants you, you just need to look around and notice the way that handsome guy on the metro is smiling at you. Why is he doing this? Well, you are confident and you spread coolness, just let yourself go!
Love is in the air, and everyone loves you.



Lip Spark by Tom Ford Beauty
Thinking of the sign of Cancer, people often mistake your sweetness and sensitivity with weakness. But it's definitely not about weakness! In the past you have been injured, but you still manage to redeem yourself and you rise again and keep on going! Congrats, you deserve a treat! But now please, stop thinking about the past and focus on what the future has in store for you.
Try to focus on the present rather than the past.



Lip Gloss by Glossier
We know that you love being super busy all the time, and to show others how many things you can handle at the same time without any hint of tiredness! However, dear leo girl, maybe you are overdoing a little bit! Remember, less is more! Slow down the pace and enjoy the calm and the spontaneous things that life is offering.
Take your time and don't get overwhelmed.



Mattetrance Lipstick by Pat McGrath Labs
It's well-known, you love having everything under control and you always try to make sure that everything goes in the right direction for you. Unfortunately, the reality is different and when you can't change it, you get lost. Thats not good! Lately you constantly think about the things that make you unsatisfied. Is it about love? or work? What's going on? Why do you feel trapped in some situations? The time for change has come! I know it's sooo hard for you, but the right choice is to use your head less and your heart more, for sure. Trust your gut!
Stop overthinking and start acting.



Gloss Bomb by Fenty Beauty
Dear Libra, this month you rock! The stars are on your side and you spread a super positive and vibrant energy. Go big and channel this energy into carrying out your projects, you can do it! Try to visualize the best situation in your head and you can achieve it, moving in the right direction. Gooo!
Even the starts are on your side.



Lip Glow by Dior
Oh yes, it's so hard for you not to speak up when something is wrong, especially at work. But you are aware that sometimes it's better take a deep breath and bite the bullet. Team projects are not for you this month, you would like to get away from everyone! So you better count to 10, smile, and try to offer constructive criticism. Come on, you can do it!
Take a deep breath before you speak.



Rich & Dazzling Lip Gloss by Too Faced
Your friends usually look for you when they are in trouble, and that's because you know how to listen and your advice is always precious, coming from the heart. This month you will be particularly helpful for someone close to you - good girl! But remember to take care of yourself too, you need a lot of focus to face this month, especially at the workplace.
You provide a contagious smile, and good advice.



Frog Prince by Lipstick Queen
Good news are coming your way, there is a big change just around the corner waiting for you! *Fireworks* but remember, dear Capricorn babe, that change can't always be controlled. I know, you don't like this. But do you want a piece of advice? You need to be less severe and let yourself go, go with the flow! Trust me, you will be positively surprised and will discover sides of yourself that were previously unknown.
It's time for changes.



Lip Magnet by Armani
It's your season, the sun shines in your signs till February 19th, yay! You feel strong positive energy in the air. All the efforts you are making will pay off, just don't give up now. Sure, obstacles are real and you will find them along the way, but you are able to overcome them. Keep pushing!
Keep pushing, just don't give up! 



The Gloss by Jeffree Star Cosmetics
You have the right amount of creativity and practicality to carry out your ideas and projects. You are doing a great job on yourself to have more self-esteem and be confident in every situation. Congrats, the whole Zodiac is proud of you *clap-clap*. Keep planning, organizing and set strategies. You will see how many things in your life will change positively and satisfaction will come!
Believe in yourself and in your creativity.


Illustrations by Ilaria Colombo