Sirene Milano is not only the first Italian women's American football team but a family, in which different personalities coexist and complement each other. Discipline, perseverance and mutual trust are some of the founding values for the group, united by a strong sense of belonging and ready to fight together to achieve their dreams, including spreading the discipline of women's football in Italy and Europe.

Unlike other sports traditionally thought of as feminine, in which competition between female teammates is completely unavoidable, this community lives everything in reverse: eager to legitimize their passion against stereotypes and prejudices, they challenge the old and ingrained thought that girls cannot challenge each other in a sport with a high percentage of physical contact by running until the goal, what they themselves call a touchdown, is achieved.

For me, the Sirene are a family, my reference point and my joy.

"Il football mi ha aiutato tanto a credere nell’amicizia tra donne. È facile pensare, anche per un discorso culturale interiorizzato dalla società, che nei gruppi di donne ci sia più competizione che coesione."

American football is the art of staying on your feet when everyone is trying to knock you down. You learn to get back up, with the help of your teammates, thinking about the goal, the touchdown.