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DIY beauty salon: how to recreate a mini spa at home

From hair treatment, to hand care, passing through depilation

DIY beauty salon: how to recreate a mini spa at home From hair treatment, to hand care, passing through depilation

Neglected nails and dull skin are not necessarily an inevitable fate. Given the many daily commitments that often do not allow you to have the time to do everything and the cold winter on the doorstep that encourages you to barricade yourself at home in the warmth, it is useful to know how to make an evening at home a real relaxing session at the spa. But how is it possible to carve out an oasis of relaxation where to restore body and mind, taking care of your body, after a day of work or stress? To enjoy the benefits of your favorite treatments without leaving the apartment, stealing moments of relaxation and rejuvenating the tran tran of daily life you can recreate a return path for the body, face, hands and hair and get full of relaxation and positive vibes. How? Let’s find out together.



Ready to say bye-bye to frizz without going to the living room? If you are also struggling with dry hair and split ends, now is the time to act. Taking advantage of the days when time is slower, you can increase the amount of moisturizing compresses to do in the shower or bath to immediately strengthen the hair and nourish it in depth.

KIEHL'S Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Reparative Hair Mask

KIEHL'S Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Reparative Hair Mask


Enriched with Olive Oil, Lemon Extract and Avocado Oil, this nourishing hair mask is particularly suitable for nourishing and restoring the appearance of hair weakened by atmospheric agents or aggressive styling with high temperatures. It gives a healthy and bright look even to the most damaged hair, dry and dry.


Want a massage and a brighter skin like after a spa treatment? No problem, with a bit of facial gymnastics and the right product you can erase from the face signs of stress and fatigue making the complexion uniform. A simple basic exercise that instantly helps to improve the appearance of the face is to activate the zygomatic muscles hinting at a barely perceptible smile in the cheekbones, without the eyes tightening and the lips widening (to facilitate its execution, just imagine smiling).

OLEHENRIKSEN Maschera Detossinante

OLEHENRIKSEN Maschera Detossinante


To be repeated for 5/10 times at least 2 times a week. A blue clay mask with a refreshing action, able to purify the skin in depth and visibly reduce pores thanks to the cold effect. Its formula, enriched with epilobium and snow lotus, reduces the oily effect and the appearance of pores. By adding fresh water, the mask becomes a foam able to eliminate impurities. The formula, enriched with AHA and BHA, finally restores the balance of the skin.


How many shave regardless of the season, the outings or the look? If we had an audience in front, to raise the hand would be many. The answer is that depilation is an act of love towards yourself if you love to have your legs free from unwanted hair, it also slides better the various moisturizers with attached pampering massages.

FLER The Razor Starter Set

FLER The Razor Starter Set

Il prodotto must have: FLER THE RAZOR STARTER SET

The razor is definitely the most practical and fast solution at home, especially in case of last-minute occasions, because you can use it safely in the shower and with any shower gel. Be careful, however, to choose the right razor equipped with heads that adapt to the curves of the body minimizing the risks of cutting. The new Fler anodized aluminum razor is infinitely reusable. Its head is wrapped in a lubricating ring that, together with the patented Rolatek technology, transform the hair removal in a stress-free moment.


The warm bath is a moment of pure relaxation, as well as a relief for back, joints and muscles (even better than a massage). In addition, it nourishes the skin and has a balancing effect. To induce a pleasant and prolonged feeling of relaxation preparatory to a long night of sleep, the trick is to remove any disturbing element present inside the bathroom (such as laundry on the clothes rack or towels in disorder) so as to create as serene and relaxing an atmosphere as possible in the bathroom. An ad-hoc playlist and a diffuser with essential oils and relaxation is served.

LUSH Snowman Dreaming Bath Bomb

LUSH Snowman Dreaming Bath Bomb

Il prodotto must have: LUSH SNOWMAN DREAMING

A soothing kaleidoscope of colors with a harmonious and dreamlike scent that promotes natural relaxation until you reach the happiest dreams.


For a little homemade well-being, just put in the refrigerator a hand cream (the one that is always there on the bedside table) and leave it there for a couple of hours. Once fresh, a couple of tablespoons of cream are mixed in a small bowl with five drops of essential lavender oil, a tablespoon of olive oil and a crushed banana. The mixture should be blended and then applied to the hands and left on for half an hour or more, after wearing a pair of rubber gloves.



The must have product: Jungluck Crema Mani

One episode, or even two, of the tv series of the moment and then all under plenty of hot water. The result will be surprising! A hand cream that effectively protects thin skin from dehydration by providing important nutrients, effectively binds moisture and is quickly absorbed. Contains no perfume, parabens, silicones or other additives not needed.