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TikTok-approved home decor trends for your autumn shelter

Make your house taste of wood and cinnamon for the upcoming cozy season

TikTok-approved home decor trends for your autumn shelter Make your house taste of wood and cinnamon for the upcoming cozy season

The coziest web space right now is called #FallTok, and it is already very populated. The hashtag #Falltok2021 boasts about 5 million views already with thousands of videos generated by users from all over the world, united by a unique passion for autumn and home decor. Between autumn-themed makeover videos, developing through DIY projects and yummy recipes full of sugar and cinnamon, home decor trends for autumn 2021 are emerging faster and faster on the platform.

Will it be the effect of the transition of colors that from bright and full fade into a romantic scale of reds and browns, together with temperatures less and less mild to make the autumn aesthetic so reassuring and attractive? Surely all these aspects have a great influence, so let’s see together which are the coolest trends and easily replicable to bring a bit of autumn at home from the extreme-makeover version to the simplest ones to decorate without upsetting too much the environments.

Warm Colors

@_forthehome Simple fall entryway what’s your favorite detail? #falldecor #fallaesthetic #fallinspo Tis Autumn - Nat King Cole

To effectively translate the autumn that walks through outside inside your place of the heart just turn on the colors of interior decor with warmer shades: biscuit brown, camel, ocher, burgundy, forest green, cream whites and rich brick reds are the most suitable colors to dress autumn accessories and environments. 

Still Life elements

@andreanava.7 Decorate with me for fall! #decor #asmr #decorate #fall #falldecor #fallvibes The nature that slowly fades has a poetic, reconciles gloomy days and feelings of calm in a positive and effective mix to recreate at home. Bringing in the interior details of still life such as dried leaves, flowers with warm tones and seasonal fruit such as pumpkins and chestnuts is the perfect method to feel 100% the cozy season even at home.

Terracotta pots (even DIY)


It's all happening

Every respectable cottage is surrounded by terracotta pots and jars that house flowers, plants and vegetables. To recreate that bucolic effect at home without furnishing the interiors with terracotta for space and practicality reasons, you can reinvent a glass vase according to the concept of the concrete touch of terracotta following a fun diy project, directly from Tik-Tok.

Cozy Surfaces


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aesthetic - 大鹏

Needless to say, when the temperatures drop and the days get shorter, being comfortable and snuggled up becomes a priority to be added to the agenda. To increase the cozyness factor of the interior is ideal to choose soft blankets and pillows to add here and there at home and especially on the sofa, on the chaise longue and on the bed for long sessions of autumn relaxation shaking Tik-Tok with tree leaves in the background. Even here, making them at home is child’s play. 

Halloween Decorating 

@thediymommy What do you think of this no-sew cozy pillow? #homedecor #hellofall #diy #tiktokdiy #learnontiktok #autumnaesthetic Sorry, I Like You - Burbank

Celebrating the holidays is a way to take into account the time that passes and enjoy it to the full, especially when it comes to decorating home to party for the spooky-season. With pumpkins, witches, phantasms, cobwebs, tablecloths and Halloween-themed accessories live free time at home between a rewatch of Nightmare Before Christmas and a horror movie will be really enjoyable. Whether they are a few and selected elements or a home make-over at full capacity, remember that the surprise effect for the decorations is always the most welcome, especially by roommates, as demonstrated by the 1 million views trend. 

... bathroom included 


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The Way Back Home (Instrumental) - Louis Stephens

The net is a wonderful place, but Tik-Tok is even more so. Among the most useful ideas of home decor for autumn, the trick of toilet paper turned into pumpkin is definitely the last bulwark of obsession with autumn aesthetics. A nice and attractive way to decorate the bathroom during an autumn-themed party or the upcoming Halloween evening.

Entrance accessorizing


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Halloween ・ cute horror song - PeriTune

If there is an element capable of instantly transmitting the mood of a domestic environment is the entrance. That’s why having a nice wooden tray to store scented candles to light as soon as you enter the house, with natural themed decorations that recall the warm colors of the season is a must. Points more if instead of a tray you recover a vase that has the depths to accommodate a composition with an autumn theme from which emerge the decorative elements of the season.