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Hime cut: the hair trend of fall/winter 2021

The haircut of the season with an Oriental flavor

Hime cut: the hair trend of fall/winter 2021 The haircut of the season with an Oriental flavor

Hairstyling is no longer (only) a question of trends. The choice of cut adds consistency to the image by taking the responsibility of interpreting and adapting a socio-cultural framework to one's own aesthetic. This identity exercise leaves room for gender fluidity, collecting its codes and inserting them in a game of paradoxes where we are witnessing a revenge of spontaneity and globalization.

After having (literally) given a cut to the mullet trend, now the common aesthetic, made up of seasonality and technicalities, smells of the East. In fact, the new trend cut of the moment is the so-called “princess cut”, known as the Hime Cut.


Features of the haircut

The strength of this Japanese-style cut lies in the architectural elegance of its contrasts characterized by practicality, strength and femininity, all enclosed in a captivating geometric rigor. The hairstyle is characterized by a bold layering consisting of two medium-short front strands - with or without the addition of a fringe - which stop at the cheeks, thus framing the face and defining the look.


The origins

In addition to playing the role of hair trend, the hime cut is also a pure condensation of history and culture. It was born in Japan during the so-called Heian period (794-1195 AD), during which the first Japanese aristocratic cultures developed. In fact, this cut was worn exclusively by young noble women who, as a sign of recognition of belonging to a high social class, sported it, representing the perfect combination of avant-garde and tradition.

The cut was then brought back into vogue in the 70s, thanks to the decision of many anime writers to use this look to embody strong and independent women with a goth lolita soul. An example is the protagonist of the manga Kakegurui - also available on Netflix - Yumeko Jabami, who sports raven black hair adorned with a sleek-effect hime cut complete with the bangs.


Why you should try it?

But is it true that this cut with a punk-traditional imprint is good for everyone? The answer is yes. Thanks to its clean lines it softens the features of the round face and makes the long one more harmonious. In this game of geometries lies the desire to always experiment with new cuts that translate the taste of contrast into a chromatic signature conceived in terms of color and texture.


Get inspired by...

We saw this look also parading for Prada's Spring 2021 catwalk, where Guido Palau, British hairstylist chosen by Raf and Miuccia for the event, made it a staple look worthy of one of the most important and iconic catwalks in the fashion world.

How can we forget the iconic pop-jazz group Haim, who on the occasion of the red carpet of the 2021 Grammy Awards chose to show off a total Prada look embellished with the unmistakable hime cut that made them the undisputed protagonists of the evening. Also in Italy it has become one of the leading cuts thanks to the X-Factor winning singer Casa di Lego, who has chosen a variant in a turquoise color. Like any cut, you can play with layers and colors. We at nss G-Club have proposed some of them.