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5 home decor trends for fall/winter 2021

Soft textures and cozy materials to bring nature indoors and enjoy the cold season

5 home decor trends for fall/winter 2021 Soft textures and cozy materials to bring nature indoors and enjoy the cold season
Courtesy of Etro Home Interiors
Courtesy of Etro Home Interiors

A blink of an eye and leaves' green is already fading to yellow, pajamas begin to become necessary and the desire for something warm to sip in silence grows out of all proportion. In this autumn, the trends are exactly in line with what the past seasons have brought us: the desire for comfort, natural elements, relaxation and special care for the environment in which with the cold you spend most of your free time. A comfortable and warm shelter, where to let go of worries and to let go to the fun, both remote and in presence and to live some good moments. There is no shortage of candles and design objects in the home decor trends for this fall 2021, but the use of certain materials borrowed from outdoor environments will surprise even the most up-to-date in terms of furniture.


Cozy fabrics

The most pleasant thing about autumn is probably the time at the end of the day when the body needs to get comfortable under the warmth of a blanket. It is at this precise moment that the 2021 trend of cozy fabrics such as sherpa, boucle and sheepskin in general soft and hairy, refers. Whether it’s a blanket, a pillow or a piece of furniture, like boucle armchairs famous among the most design-conscious influencers, the watchword is "curl up" in something warm and soft, basically dirty white or cream white. Like sitting on a cloud.


Quilted sofa

The style of quilted sofas has stolen the heart of design enthusiasts and not. The chairs like the 'Camaleonda' in Original Mohair by Mario Bellini for B&B Italia are unique pieces, which recall a contemporary and refined aesthetic that is difficult to replicate. Whether it is in pop or dirty white or why not in chocolate brown, the sofa with padded seams creates a high atmosphere and catalyzes attention in the space where it is placed. Hay Design, a Danish design company, offers a more modern version designed by the duo of architects Doshi Leven, creators of a strong and charismatic product idea.


Wood coffee-table

Like a capital at the end of a column in a monument, the wooden coffee table is a decorative accessory with a strong visual impact, which fills the space, furnishes but above all performs a function. Whether it’s books, decorative elements, candles or piles of clothes to fill it up, it doesn’t matter. This autumn the trend is dark wood coffee table, which recalls the color of the ground of mother nature and darkens the space to bring up concentration and relaxation. The colorful patterns are definitely a way to add a little pop color to the decor of the space where it is inserted. Perfect both in the living room next to the sofa or in the bedroom, for an extra support or to use instead of the bedside table.


Natural elements

Courtesy of Etro Home Interiors
Courtesy of Etro Home Interiors

The nature of autumn is wonderful but harder to live in than the warm seasons. This is why a trend of this autumn will be to ideally bring the outdoor spaces inside the house through natural patterns and materials that have a link with the outside world. No more synthetic, no more shocking colors and away with the warm nuances of the blushing leaves or the green coat that withers, to the flowers of the Chinoiserie, European porcelain that revisits oriental ceramics, tents with details of the forest and sheets inspired by a green lawn. Just a little imagination.


A touch of pink

Lamps, sets of cups, carpets, chests of drawers, baskets, coffee tables and trays are just a few of the many pieces of furniture that can implement the style of the interior by adding a unique touch to the space, which makes it unrepeatable. Even better if in pastel pink, the perfect color to fight the greyness of autumn days. Shade with a cool undertone and high contrast blends very well with warm tones like cyclamen in the middle of a green bush and in addition, recalls the pink so loved by the fashion of the 2000s, which goes crazy in fashion and perhaps even in interior design.