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The perfect summer cocktail for each zodiac sign

What the starts recommend us to sip during this very hot summer

The perfect summer cocktail for each zodiac sign What the starts recommend us to sip during this very hot summer

Sometimes deciding on the perfect cocktail to sip on a warm summer evening can be a difficult choice. Would you rather feel a sensation of freshness or enjoy a sweet and spicy flavor? Do you like to experiment with new tastes or do you always focus on simplicity and classics?

The solution lies in the stars, which can help us choose the ideal cocktail based on your zodiac sign. We asked the oenologist Laura Da Riva to help us find the summer cocktails that best suit each sign, to discover a new drink to sip on evenings by the sea or in the city. Ready to discover your cocktail?


ARIES - Sazerac

What can we say, here we are talking about absinthe. Stories abound, perhaps even hallucinations. What if we also add some cognac? And two drops of bitters? Sazerac is a cocktail defined as unforgettable by experts and dates back to the 1800s. It is complex and enveloping, the absinthe arrives straight, herbaceous and alcoholic, blunted by the warm thickness of the cognac. Perfect if you want to try something special away from the classic flavors of summer drinks. It may seem crazy but we know that when seen up close we are all a bit crazy!


5 cl of cognac; 1 cl of absinthe; 1 lump of sugar; 2 drops of Peychaud's bitter.


TAURUS - Old Fashioned

Having a glass of Old Fashioned in your hands will immediately make us feel a little Gatsby! This is not the classic beach cocktail: whiskey, a lump of sugar, ice, two drops of angostura and the curtain closes. Born to let this distillate express itself at its best as it is, it is perfect to end a summer dinner, in a suggestive place, lulled by the song of cicadas. Whether it's a more biting Rye Whiskey or a softer Tennessee, Old Fashioned will win you over at any cost.


4,5 cl of whiskey; 1 lump of sugar; 2 drops of angostura.


GEMINI - Long Island Ice-Tea

Let's immediately dispel a myth: this cocktail was not born in the era of prohibition and cannot circumvent the law thanks to its tea-like color. However, this legend is so suggestive that ordering it immediately makes us feel more courageous. If prepared with care, the important alcohol content given by the "4 whites" is magically balanced by the sprinkling of cola. It is a long drink to sip from time to time, while wandering carefree among friends and strangers in an uncrowded venue, when the evening has yet to begin. And without really knowing why, you feel it's going to be a great night.


1.5 cl of gin; 1.5 cl of white rum; 1.5 cl of tequila; 1.5 cl of triple sec; 1.5 cl of vodka; 2.5 cl of lemon juice; 3 cl of sugar syrup; cola to complete.


CANCER - Milano-Torino

Milan and Turin, innovation and history, will probably never tire of competing for attention and prestige. The cocktail smoothes out the differences since the end of the 19th century: two equal parts of Punt e Mes from Turin and Campari from Milan, a simple but intelligent intuition showing that unity is strength. The Vermouth gives elegance and a spicy hint that tastes of the Mediterranean, while the Bitter seasons with a very pleasant alcoholic heat and a refreshing bitterness. A timeless goodness for cooler summer evenings.


4.5 cl of Vermouth Punt e Mes; 4.5 cl of Campari bitters; 1 slice of orange.


LEO - Ti' Punch

A cocktail that comes from distant lands, with an exotic flavor that can make us dream of an island in the Caribbean. The story tells that Ti 'Punch was born on the island of Martinique to reinvigorate the local populations, and is suitable for all hours; it is made up of white rum (the only one the natives could afford), a drop of sugar syrup, and finally ice and lime served separately, to be added according to your taste. This cocktail will make you feel the thrill and warmth that only an island in the Antilles can transmit: agricultural rum, more biting and alcoholic than others, smells of adventure and stories. A daydream to choose with your eyes closed.


4 cl of white agricultural rum from Martinique; 1 cl of sugar syrup; 1 slice of lime.


VIRGO - Dark & Stormy

Born from the mysterious Bermuda islands, it embodies the mystery and beauty of a wild and unexplored island. Everyone knows the history of the Cursed Triangle, but few have already tried Dark & Stormy: "dark" caramel color thanks to the rum, "stormy" thanks to the effervescent effect given by the ginger beer. It is a sweet and sharp long drink, a relief for the palate and a delight for the senses. Excellent if in the company of a summer storm that comes suddenly, noisy and refreshing.


6 cl ok dark rum; 10 cl of ginger beer.


LIBRA - Spritz Select

"Vutu un sprissetto?" like a sort of echo, these words resound among the small streets of Venice. And how do you answer? “Yes, at the Select!”. The happy hour here is a ritual, just like the morning coffee. Select was invented over 100 years ago in Venice, and its vibrant red color goes perfectly with the golden hour, while the delicate scent of juniper and rhubarb enriches summer evenings until dusk. Fresh and romantic, as timeless as the charm of Venice.


7,5 cl of prosecco; 5 cl of Select; 2,5 cl of seltz; 1 green olive.


SCORPIO - Paloma

Travel is in the mind and the Paloma cocktail will give you the right boost to make it a little more real. Created in Mexico, perhaps right in the city of Tequila amidst bright colors and cheerful chaos, it is a very fresh and happy drink, an accomplice to slightly spicy and perhaps even a little forbidden evenings. The contrast between the innocence of the name of this drink (which means "dove") and the sensations it conveys proves to be the right choice when you need the exotic and delicious boost of tequila, salt and grapefruit. To drink when you are looking for relief from the heat while fanning it nonchalantly.


5 cl of tequila; 1,5 cl of lime juice; 9 cl of grapefruit juice; a pinch of salt.



Still little known, Pisco is the only wine distillate from the New World, the invention of which is still disputed between Peru and Chile. A particular process that gives that truly unique exotic touch and an aromatic exuberance of style. It may seem to be the usual sour, but it is not: very very tasty, if you add the egg white you will also have a delicious foam to which you can add two drops of angostura - for a stronger touch - or a sprinkle of cinnamon, for those who have desire for sweetness. Fragrant and intense, ancient and wild.


4,5 cl of Pisco; 3 cl of lemon juice; 2 cl of sugar syrup; 1 egg white; 2 drops of angostura or a sprinkle of cinnamon.



Just like the hugely popular Gin Tonic, the Gimlet was born with medicinal functions for the rescue of British sailors at the time of the Royal Navy. Gin and Lime Cordial to fortify the soul and body, quench the thirst and pass even the fear of what the unknown hidden among the waves of the sea can reserve. In this cocktail relive the memories of those who remain, awaiting the return of those who went to sea. Super drinkable, fresh and tasty: the drink for a true queen.


6 cl of gin; 3 cl of lime cordial or 1,5 cl of lime juice; 2 cl of sugar syrup.


AQUARIUS - White Russian

This is one of the most delicious and famous cocktails ever. Of all those that include the addition of whipped cream, White Russian is certainly the freshest, without giving up on the gluttony. To drink instead of dessert (or even together!) This drink is velvety on the palate: vodka and coffee liqueur go perfectly, plenty of ice to cool and a touch of cream that makes you want to lick your lips. While you sip it you will almost feel like you are living in a court of the Russian nobility, between opulence and prestige. To choose when you are in the balance between the two most beautiful deadly sins: lust and gluttony.


5 cl of vodka; 2 cl of coffee liqueur; 2 cl of whipped cream.


PISCES - Yellow Bird

I admit that the first time I ordered one it was so curious for this name and here, amid the hilarity of the most habitual friends, I brazenly ordered a Yellow Bird and ... what a bomb! Unusual at first sight (Rum, Galliano Liqueur, Triple Sec) but sour and aromatic at the first taste, thanks to the unusual combination of Caribbean rum and the liqueur from Livorno born at the end of the 19th century. Like an unexpected friend, it cheers you up instantly and also improves your aperitif.


3 cl of white rum; 1,5 cl of Galliano liqueur; 1.5 cl of triple sec; 1.5 cl of lemon juice.