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5 lovely jewelry brands to discover

To wear this summer to catch the attention with colorful and sparkling details

5 lovely jewelry brands to discover To wear this summer to catch the attention with colorful and sparkling details

The devil is in the details. In this case, hanging on the lobes or tied on the wrist or tight to a finger. Starting from this sentence, nss G-Club has selected 5 jewelry brands to keep an eye on, to make peace with your devil and dedicate yourself more to the details.

Why do we like them so much? Because they offer unique items, real pieces of art on which to focus the focus of your summer outfits (but also autumn, winter and spring ones are fine). Ready? Let's discover them together.



For all lovers of bucolic art and floral expression there is RiCamiRi, a brand of jewelry handmade in Italy. These accessories are not only beautiful to look at, but also to touch: each earring has its own texture that rhymes with the flower it is inspired by. Thus it becomes easy to perceive the smell of blackberry, the rustle of the Soffione earrings, the delicacy of a flower that crystallizes in an accessory. Are you ready to bloom?



Praise to ornamental art! A colorful and crazy expression of avant-garde fashion, un_concept becomes a dreamy representative of the new pop culture: a light-hearted and "liquid" soul. The beads risk combos with which not to go unnoticed, protagonist shapes - we at nss G-Club suggest wearing them with a monochrome look. Welcome to the world of un_concept.



Why do we love Ousie so much? Because it represents the return to the origin, an aesthetic that promotes geometric essentiality and material irregularity to create accessories to live directly on the body, touch and tell with the movements. For all those times we have swirled the ring on our finger reflecting there is a Seal of Ousie ring that listens to us from afar.



Oh, it looks like a piece of art is hanging from my ear! Made entirely by hand, Pepa Flaca's earrings and rings convey the value of craftsmanship: each item has its own facets that make it unique. They have a thousand shapes, colors and sizes and are designed to tell the personality of the wearer - especially for the sequins of summer evenings. Speaking of craftsmanship, Pepa is planning a series of workshops to learn how to deal with porcelain. Do we sign up together?



Padira Design's slogan: upcycled, contemporary, handmade. If you know the psychology of colors (or you are simply curious about it), Padira earrings are for you: they are bold and strong, they evoke every emotional expression through the memory of the sea, fire, light. The orange-attraction, blue-balance, red-passion or yellow-joy, we propose you to have one just in case and combine them regardless of your outfit, whether they also have the power to bring good luck! What's more, they are sustainable: what else?