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5 essential steps for a lazy summer beauty routine

Minimum effort, maximum result

5 essential steps for a lazy summer beauty routine Minimum effort, maximum result

There is no doubt: the time when it is too hot to do any activity has arrived. In Italian cities, temperatures exceed 30 degrees and applying cream, removing make-up or doing a scrub can be really challenging activities. Even the frenetic rhythms of the pre-holiday period are felt, and it often happens to fall asleep with the make-up still on, cursing in the mirror the next morning with the 7.00 alarm clock. Just don't!

With minimal effort and perhaps only a pinch of goodwill, even in summer it is easy to create a small ritual of skincare not to blow the progress made with skincare and body care scrupulously followed in the long pandemic winter just left behind. There are only 5 essentials steps to follow and to take even on vacation to treat your skin while relaxing, lazy-approved!


Step 1: Cleansing with water


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So simple to seem trivial: the best method to close the pores and tone the skin is to wash your face in the morning, just awake, with water. Abandon astringent soaps every day, rather loosen the frequency of use if you have a mixed-oily skin, and concentrate on listening to the skin without going automatically to degrease the epidermis. Sun, salt and high temperatures play an important role in pH regulation, which should not be stressed. The trick to master face washing is paying attention to the water temperature: hot water opens the pores and dries up natural facial oils, whilst cold water closes them, deflates the skin and gives a depuffed-healthier look to the skin, as confirmed by the cosmetologist Sophia Knapp.


Step 2: Tonic with vitamin C


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Adding a little antioxidant to your summer beauty routine is never a bad idea. Vitamin C is a powerful ally of the well-being of the skin, prevents skin aging and hyperpigmentation, also helps the natural production of collagen of the body, and face. Whether it is a tonic, a serum or a cream, just add to the summer skicare routine this vitamin to enjoy the benefits immediately, without too much effort.


Step 3: Cream or serum - light hydration

In summer it is important to make a change of wardrobe also to the shelf of the skincare. It is better to have a light moisturizer, without perfume and maybe multipurpose to keep the skin of the face (but also the body) always hydrated without exaggeration. Store dense oils and creams for the colder months, unless there is a particular need for intense hydration due to dryness. You’d never wear a wool sweater in August, right? That’s how you treat your skin.


Step 4: Protection - SPF please!


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We know that maybe even walls now know the importance of protecting the skin from the sun, but as always, repeat is better. Choosing a moisturizer with a sunscreen inside can work for the daily tran-tran between home and office, but attention to intensity: even in the city for the face you prefer a protection between 30 and 50, never go down below. Obviously, applying the cream or a moisturizing serum as a basis and then stratifying a chemical solar filter increases the protective spectrum.


Step 5: Body exfoliation


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For face, body and spirit the keyword in summer is lightness. Skin exfoliation should also be practiced with the same concept in mind, and especially not compulsively. Once a week, maybe before depilation and far from the time of sun exposure gently exfoliate with products based on physical exfoliants not too aggressive the body, without fear of seeing go away a possible tan. What goes away always leaves room for the new, so even the exfoliated skin leaves room for new fertile soil for a beautiful summer complexion.


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In a summer beauty routine for lazy people can not miss a fundamental advice on how to treat burns, taken when you forget the SPF. Yes, it happens, but they must be taken in time, like  occasions and trains. Moisturizing the area with a pure aloe vera gel at the highest possible percentage will instantly reduce the damage, thus making it more pleasant to survive with the burn and faster healing.