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5 Gen Z approved home decor trends

From the famous Ultrafragola mirror to DIY works of art

5 Gen Z approved home decor trends From the famous Ultrafragola mirror to DIY works of art

If the theory of multipotential is also applicable to the interior spaces of the house, the most classic living room can be transformed into a hyper-functional space, versatile and aesthetically proof of Gen Z. According to the trends of the last period, dictated by Tik Tok and the chaos of content driven by the hashtag #Homedecor on the platform, color, customization and uniqueness of the space win on any type of historical current of design. After the current cottage-core that drove all design fans crazy with its simplicity, back and crazy the unique personality of the person who inhabits the space to decorate it. The sharp minimalism of Mis Van see Rohe blends with the post-modern architectural complexity that incorporates pop-art, in an energetic mix full of details and personal secrets to discover, among many plants and natural light. The 5 interior design trends that are going strong this summer, here on Nss G-Club, to turn home into an oasis of peace and that reflects your soul while always being updated. 


Rattan mania

To bring a little bit of beach into the house, inserting details in raffia, or rattan, braided is the right solution. Chests of drawers, stools, tables but also small design elements such as decorative mirrors, door objects or vases are a practical and elegant way to make even the interior the summer season.


Ultrafragola mirror

The object of desire desired by the whole world, especially in the dark period of quarantine brings with it an exciting story, which lies between Milanese industrial design and Parisian voyeurism. Curvilinear as the female silhouette, pink and bright to the point of stimulating positive emotions such as joy and passion (says science), the mirror Ultrafragola has conquered the living rooms of the coolest influencers.


Special lamps

Far from the conception that a lava-lamp is a design lamp, the new tastes in terms of interior lighting call for round, unusual, playful shapes that animate the space in which they are with a particular light, possibly not too hot and preferably colored. Mushroom lamps are the cutest version of designer lamps available and hot right now!


DIY paintings and art

In the Italian Renaissance patrons used to host artists in their homes to be surrounded by their art. Now we no longer need to hold hostage poor creative people: today commissioning unique pieces made by artists from all over the world is very easy. Even easier (and fun) is to improvise and create DIY paintings or sculptures, channeling creativity and starting a healing routine for the spirit that can also bring lots of satisfaction. 


Checked pattern

Blame it on cottagecore or on picnic-frenzy, but checked interiors are so back en vogue! Carpets, blankets, pillows but even tables and mini-chairs are decorated in the fun duo-chrome pattern and are able to spice up every possible athmosphere. Get yourself that Brooklyn apartment vibe and thank us later!