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5 beauty treatments to try before summer holidays

For your before-holidays glow up

5 beauty treatments to try before summer holidays For your before-holidays glow up

Whether it is a week or a month, the departure for the holidays is always an event, to be prepared with meticulous care, studied organization and in advance. Among the things to think about, for the choice of what to bring and what to leave at home, sometimes it is the most important things (such as waxing or pre-sun facial cleansing) that are left out. Face, body and hair in fact need extra care in view of the holidays: from deep facial cleansing, which also gives lightness to the mood, to waxing based on beeswax, more delicate on the skin, passing through the thickening of the eyelashes together. from manicures and pedicures, up to preventive hair wraps to avoid split ends, the things to mark in the diary are different.

But, having established which are the most useful beauty treatments in view of the holidays, what is the best time to carry them out so as not to interfere with the sun/salt & co? Answer: not all together, and not all close to departure. For example, it would be good to do the face cleansing and waxing a week before, not too close to sun exposure; a few days in advance are enough to thicken the eyelashes, so you can leave the mascara at home. Instead, it is better to proceed last minute with manicures and pedicures: one day in advance is enough. The same day? The hair pack to start off with crazy hair.

That's why, nss G-Club has selected the 5 beauty treatments to book before summer holidays.



Comfort Zone facial treatment is called Active Pureness to be booked before departure. Characterized by the innovative Active Pureness Peel-Off Mask, a mattifying mask formulated with spirulina algae and a massage inspired by ancient techniques of Ayurvedic medicine, the formulations based on mandelic acid and white and green clays - combined with skillful hands - rebalance the microcirculation lymphatic by minimizing and purifying the pores for a matte and uniform face.

Comfort Zone SPAce Milano
Via Brisa 7, Milan



Absolutely to put on the agenda is the experience of the authentic Brazilian Waxing methodology proposed by Sugarwax: Sugarine's use exclusively wax according to the original Brazilian methodology by hand and without stripes, for a more delicate and lasting result.

Via Legnano 6, Milano


For those who do not want to give up the mascara effect even on the beach, at Plumes the lash thickening or volume is a technique that consists in the application of 2-4 synthetic lashes (natural volume) or a range of 4-8 synthetic lashes (extreme volume) for each single eye. In this way, the effect of mascara is achieved, with thick, open and more voluminous lashes.

Via Clusone 1, Milano



For a flash manicure and/or pedicure directly at your place in total relaxation, book now the home service offered by Madame Miranda: the best beauty professionals for the on-demand service of your dreams, fast... but not express! They take care of everything professionally, with punctuality, maximum hygiene and safety.

Madame Miranda



At Toni & Guy it is possible to book the Fusio Scrub + Urban Hair Treatment: a purifying scrub together with a treatment for damaged or dry hair, will put your hair in order and it will be ready to face the stress caused by external aggressions.

Via Vincenzo Monti 27, Milano