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10 travel essentials to pack smart and light

How to get ready for summer holidays without forgetting the must-haves

10 travel essentials to pack smart and light How to get ready for summer holidays without forgetting the must-haves

Packing is a unique emotion, which makes the emotion of the trip nearer and already puts you in the mood of total relaxation. Often, however, when you have little time to pack, that feeling might quickly turn into terror. Blame it on winter that erases away the Japanese folding techniques learned the previous summer, or on the pandemic block that made suitcases useless this particular winter. Now that summer has finally arrived and holidays are getting closer, whatever the beautiful destination, it’s time to brush up on your organizational skills and prepare to leave. In an ideal world would be enough to pack a passport and a credit card, but for the moment travel essentials are still an must, so here is a little guide to pack this summer with 5 travel essentials, to live a peaceful holiday without last minute panic.


1. Face and body sunscreen

There is no excuse, now the temperatures speak clear: the sun is hot and must be protected, everywhere. If you do not plan a night trip but a retreat of intense relaxation surrounded by nature, sun cream is a must to have in your suitcase and even in your purse. Opting for a small size and a concentrated cream will facilitate transport.


2. Power Bank

The most tech-savvy will already be prepared on this, but alas many are still victims of the "forgetfulness syndrome" of the phone charger. To avoid anxious runs in the grill and purchases of magazines in huge surcharge in the bazaars of the exotic destination chosen, packing a power bank is a great idea. Buying it cute like Power Bank Bonds will help you never forget it at home again.


3. Silk scarf

We have already praised its incredible versatility, but repetita iuvant, as the Latins said. For summer 2021 the silk scarf can save many outfits and be interpreted as bandeau top or crop top cross, but also be used to cover the throat in case of strong wind and head when you risk to take too much sun in a seaside resort. They are very light and very easy to fold, so you must have at least 3 in your suitcase.


4. Analogic camera

For lovers of art and photography, dusting off the analog will allow you to capture the good moments with a different spirit from the immediacy of the smartphone. The sense of time and travel will flow slower and more poetic, and the emotion will continue once you have led to develop the roll, seen the spontaee and naturally beautiful photos that only analog gives. Plus for those who are already ready with the holiday album 2021.


5. Books

The time on holiday expands and twists around fantasies and thoughs, and the long afternoons in the sun may seem eternal. If friends company fills the soul, even loneliness does, especially the one shared with a good book. Choose it based on personal tastes and horizons that you want to explore in literature.


6. Lavender spray or oil


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For the more comfortable ones, who struggle to fall asleep in a bed not really, bring with them a lavender spray that concilii sleep is a magic trick. Sleeping on holiday can be both a priority and an option, but doing it well when you do it is really important, both for the body and for the dark circles. A few drops of lavender oil on the pillow conciliates sleep, and if passed on the hands, slightly warmed and applied to the hair, will create a pleasant relaxing ritual that you want to bring in everyday life. P.s. will also benefit the hair, word of G-Club.


7. Tote Bag

There is no bag more roomy and comfortable than a tote bag. Soft, versatile and shock-proof or overload-proof, it folds easily into a suitcase and can be easily combined with anything. The print that distinguishes it can be a strong point to add an extra touch to the beach look, but also for a walk in the city.


8. Sunglasses

Perhaps obvious, but never banal. Having a pair of sunglasses in your bag saves a billion situations, as well as protecting your eyes from the powerful UV rays of summer. After a night spent having fun, a 5 am wake-up call to catch a plane. the right sunglasses not only saves your reputation, but elevates any look, even the most basic.


9. Jewels

Wearing accessories and jewelry in summer is the easiest way to customize an outfit. Maybe they are not essential to travel, but to be always radiant in your own skin having jewelry, maybe a few but good, makes the difference in every look.


10. Scented cleansing wipes

Small weapon of salvation for the sultry days, the scented moist wipes are a cure-all for buffering sweat or for refreshing yourself, maybe after a long drive. They have a plus if they are makeup removers: they are absolutely not to be replaced by the routine of makeup, but in order not to go to bed, this and more.