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World Ocean Day: 5 brands that love the oceans

To protect our planet starting from our beauty case

World Ocean Day: 5 brands that love the oceans To protect our planet starting from our beauty case

The ocean has been asking for our help for quite some time. An appeal for respect for its flora and fauna, a request for protection from overfishing, from toxic waste such as plastic, UV filters and diesel. Yet many of us still do not listen to its desperate echo, unaware of the consequences - even on our own skin - of a world without seas and its inhabitants. Thus, June 8th is a reminder for everyone: in fact, World Ocean Day is celebrated, or the world day of the oceans that wants to remind us that we still have 29 years to avoid the apocalypse. Because the oceans are the life blood of the planet, they regulate the climate and generate over 50% of the oxygen we breathe. To help them, start by saying stop to single-use plastic, opt for water bottles and start shopping sensibly, on platforms completely focused on sustainability, like Talia Collective which, for the oceans, has created a fundraising in favor of the ONG Parley for the Oceans. And then, pay attention to what we put in our beauty case. Why not try, for example, these 5 beauty brands that really love the sea?


With the initiative Tuteliamo il Mare, the brand contributes to maintaining the marine ecosystem. In its fourth edition, with over 98,000 euros of funds already allocated to environmental safety projects, it works with the good pirates of Sea Shepherd against illegal fishing, for the protection of the Aeolian Islands and its numerous fish species. By purchasing, from 1 June to 30 August, the products of the SU line - in bio-based PE plastic from sugar cane - will activate the donation of 1 euro to the Siso Operation of Sea Shepherd Italia Onlus, whose volunteers, in collaboration with the Coast Guard, identify illicit FADs poached by illegal fishermen and remove them.


A creative collaboration, together with the famous multimedia artist, who takes a stand in favor of our blue lung. How do you breathe without the sea? is the activist claim of the limited edition, which features three iconic products of the brand: the serum Life PlanktonTM Elixir, the body milk Lait Corporel L'Original and the Aquapower Gel for men. Using a mix of recycled glass, recycled plastic and an innovative tube with cardboard, the packaging of the products of the Biotherm x Coco Capitán line is a call to action to preserve our ocean, in addition to the brand's solar products.


The ethical brand of fresh and handmade cosmetics is active all year round, every year towards the environment. To celebrate June 8, he joined forces with Underwater Pro-Tour, an association that promotes environmental education and the protection of the marine ecosystem through activities related to the sea. From 8 to 15 June Lush will support, thanks to the sale of the cream Charity Pot, a project linked to the Giglio Island, aimed at safeguarding the marine ecosystem through the study of giant castanets and the health conditions of the Mediterranean. Thanks to the support of the Charity Pot hand and body cream, and the collaboration of expert divers, Underwater Pro-Tour will organize a series of underwater study missions in the area surrounding the Island of Giglio, where the population of Pinna Nobilis, a type of mussel which resists death and presents some juvenile specimens, in order to map the seabed on paths of 2,000 meters, collecting data relating to the marine biology part.



A collection of broad spectrum made in Italy sunscreen, with physical filter - free of parabens, sulfates and silicones - for face and body that is safe for both the skin and the ocean. Its formula is mineral, does not penetrate the epidermis and avoids irritation. The Acqualaï collection was created with the aim of offering a solution that is not harmful to the environment and changing the way sun protection is viewed, while respecting the water. The choice of the infinitely recyclable aluminum tube was preferred with a view to a circular economy. The formulas, on the other hand, are entirely reef-safe, i.e. free of ingredients harmful to the marine environment.


It is the Swedish brand of professional hair care, all vegan, which, since 2020, has implemented a collaboration with Ocean Waste Plastic for the creation of a 100% sustainable packaging, using only plastic recovered from the sea, thus recycling 959,000 bottles. and with 98% natural ingredients from organic farming. Maria Nila's goal was to start from the line Eco Therapy Revive, to extend to the others. But the brand didn't stop there. She has taken the liberation of the belugas Little Gray and Little White to heart, she collaborates closely with the Sea Life Trust and the Perfect World Foundation, to which she donates part of the proceeds of the purchases.