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Summer glow: 3 beauty and wellness treatments to try

To achieve concrete goals, without any stress, and spend a summer dedicated to wellness

Summer glow: 3 beauty and wellness treatments to try To achieve concrete goals, without any stress, and spend a summer dedicated to wellness

Countdown summer 2021 mode on. The first step? Leave behind the tensions of winter to arrive fresh and relaxed for the first days on the beach. But times (fortunately) have changed: goodbye races and shock treatments to prepare for the swimsuit test, the correct remise en forme today pursues concrete goals (to be achieved without any stress) and respects the characteristics of each body, choosing treatments and products targeted. A change of pace that also involves spaces and institutes to rediscover well-being, where nutritionists, mental coaches and fitness teachers are increasingly involved because it is the well-being that counts, not the weight.

For example, the digital platform CIAOMONDO created by Licia Florio represents an effective method to balance mind and body through live classes of Pilates, Yoga, Flexi, Barre Ballet, Kundalini and Freedom Dance that allow you to connect with your breath and feel more strong physically, as well as mentally, also becoming aware of the movements. Or, the personalized endermo® coaching program by LPG® endermologie - a brand that has always promoted natural and responsible beauty - offers tailored treatments based on age, lifestyle and individual needs; experts, physiotherapists, beauticians, doctors and nutritionists have in fact combined their professionalism to develop together personalized protocols based on a new treatment menu. And again, LabQuarantadue clinics offer nutrition and wellness programs, even at a distance, through a team of specialists who offer patients personalized therapies to lose weight and achieve physical, mental and social well-being.



CIAOMONDO will be your personal space where you can grow and evolve, practice, cry and laugh, relax, share your emotions with Licia, the specialized teachers and all the participants. Live classes followed by teachers who are studious and passionate about their subject, with weekly live programs on Zoom suitable for any body and any person. The movements are in fact controlled and designed to create an elongated and sculpted muscular shape. At each movement there is always an indication on breathing so that you can finish the class feeling well physically and with a relaxed mind.



At LPG®, beauty is not considered a combination of treatments but is understood as a lifestyle. Unlike many other techniques available on the market, the French brand offers a 100% natural alternative to reactivate cellular activity in the heart of your skin and to fight against all imperfections such as sagging skin, resistant adiposity or skin peel. 'Orange. Acting simultaneously on resistant adipose accumulations and on the quality of the skin, the new patent (motorized roller and fin combined with a sequential aspiration) allows the technology for the body to have a direct action on the adipocytes present in the hypodermis (slenderness cells) and on the fibroblasts present in the dermis (cells of youth). In addition, just recently, LPG® has chosen to reformulate its best-selling cosmetics to offer cutting-edge treatments and complete its range by developing new products aimed at optimizing the benefits of endermologie® treatments.



LabQuarantadue's courses offer prevention, diagnosis and medical treatment of the main metabolic problems, integrating the therapeutic indications of a team of doctors, dieticians, endocrinologists, nutritional biologists, dieticians and psychotherapists. An integrated multi-specialist approach, with visits to clinics or telemedicine. Why choose such a path? LabQuarantadue specialists do not only address the problems related to weight, but also the behavioral aspects that influence its management and the related imperfections of the body and face (through corrective medicine). The team will assess the patient and her needs, defining the specialist approach and what importance to give to the different fields of action. In short, a new frontier of wellness that undoubtedly offers “inclusive” paths to reach full shape while respecting the physical characteristics of everyone.