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5 must-have pieces for summer 2021

Fashionable items and accessories to elevate your wardrobe and sparkle up your summer style

5 must-have pieces for summer 2021 Fashionable items and accessories to elevate your wardrobe and sparkle up your summer style

Approaching, day after day, the fateful moment: the beginning of summer. The summer season brings with it many questions of style, especially after a long period of fashion restricted to home walls and hot spirits tamed by fear of an invisible enemy. The situation of the current world has made fashion more comfortable, human and related to nature and the beautiful things you can find in nature. On the other hand, the desire to dress up again is stronger than ever. In balance between eccentric accessories, miniskirts and unforgettable details the summer trends 2021 are fun and quench the desire for party and color, but remain portable and comfortable.


Extra-wide (and bold) hat

The extra-wide brimmed cotton hat is not only delightfully cottage-core, but also functional. Whether it is cotton or synthetic the wide range of the headdress repairs the skin from the rays of the first suns that could damage the skin barrier without a good protective skincare, and is a purchase that will be useful until October, also very useful on the beach to match the bikini. What a dream!


A miniskirt as short as summer

This summer, minis are again a major trend. The edges get shorter and the legs get longer, in spite of the rumors on the long skirts in times of difficulty, allowing even the super trendy footwear of the season to be noticed. In a variety of silhouettes, fabrics, and a lot of prints, the miniskirts remain a summer safety, to recover all the sun lost during the winter with interests.


Floral print

In "The Devil Wears Prada" floral patterns are denigrated for spring, not summer. Here in this SS21 the fresh buds fill dresses, miniskirts, shoes, accessories and beach towels to demonstrate the strength of nature that resists a long winter. With a slightly retro 'no' key, the floral prints echo back to the '60s and reveal their unique and hidden character.


Crochet everything

The trend of the year for spring summer is definitely him. Complicated weaves of colors and geometric designs are formed with mastery thanks to the softness of cotton and knit woven crochet, an effect so loved by the fashionistas of the moment. To bring the trend of the year in the summer a hat is definitely adorable, but it is the tops, better if cropped or tank top, to give the best of themselves in the braided version.


Oversized button-up shirt

The desire to steal a shirt from the men’s closet had never been so strong: in this summer 2021 are the shirts with oversized buttons to act as head-shoulder par excellence, showing their soul relaxed but at the same time elegant, cheeky and versatile. Perfect in the city, to cover the shoulders from the air conditioning or from the cold wind of the June evenings not yet very hot, the oversized shirt lends itself to any type of combination and completes any minimal outfit if well equipped