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5 Tik Tok effective beauty hacks

Creativity and beauty come together for fun an useful tricks

5 Tik Tok effective beauty hacks  Creativity and beauty come together for fun an useful tricks

Solid soap, aloe foam and toning drops. We are not in the salon of a celebrity hairstylist but on Tik Tok, where these are some of the latest alternative remedies that have gone viral in the beauty field. The Chinese communications giant has literally hypnotized the youngest segment of the world population and with funny videos, aesthetically fast but above all useful has revolutionized the way in which today’s content is thought, created and communicated. The Tik Tok community is extremely active and always looking for new cutting-edge "hacks" to simplify their lives and achieve visible results when it comes to beauty. Not all the advice given by the social networks are safe to try and effective, so much so that you often risk approaching dangerous practices that can cause damage. Nss G-Club has selected 5 safe and actually smart beauty remedies to get a trendy and super fresh look.


Bangs no-haircut


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Crazy in Love Aaar Remix - MUCIO MATA

For anyone who wants to try #curtainbangs without the commitment

The power of French aesthetics has fascinated for centuries, and the latest trend to reach in a very short time the look of the most famous models and it-girl is cutting hair with the fringe. The cut gives different types of face but needs attention to fold: Tik Tok runs to the rescue of those who do not feel like cutting hair. To recreate the fringe without cutting just blowdry the front part of your hair, divide in 2 front sections, create a wide curl to the outside holding the plate or iron at 45 degrees trying to emphasize eye curve. Then stop the two tufts with two or more clips behind the ears and leave on for a while. For an even more curtainy effect: take the front hair to the roots holding them together with your fingers as if you had to take a "pinch of salt" and away with the hairspray.


Soap brows


how i do my soap brows !! i just use any bar of soap and a damp lash and brow comb


Trying soap brows for the first time

The times of the microblading are definitely over with the advent of the revolutionary soap brows. This method to comb eyebrows with the sole use of a comb and a bar of soap is a kind of a revisitation mastic glue use to erase face hair on movie or editorial sets. For natural but effective eyebrows that mimic volume and fill the face, moist a bar of soap (better if studied specifically for the job or otherwise hypoallergenic) and then massage with the comb until the product is collected. Then apply with small vertical movements the soap on the eyebrows, combing them upwards. Once you reach the desired shape, with the tip of the comb pass on the upper and lower edges to define the eyebrows, just as you would with a pencil.Wow!


Aloe Vera foam for hair


Ashes - Stellar

Directly from mother nature, the leaf of Aloe Vera is the queen of DIY remedies thanks to the nourishing and emollient properties of the famous plant. For a DIY foam mask nourishing and polishing, cut in half a leaf of Aloe, extract the pulp, blend and apply to the hair, leaving it on for as long as possible: obviously the longer the exposure time, the more evident and lasting will be the effect.Once rinsed and dried the hair will be bright and strong, beautiful as those of Rapunzel!


Grid make up


Why do I do these things to myself ##makeup ##fyppagee ##contour

original sound - mirtonjam

Contouring or not contouring, that’s the question. If miraculous effects seen thanks to Hollywood stars' favorite technique doesn’t win you over yet, wait till you see the final result of this crazy contouring puzzle, a now viral technique on Tik Tok that consists in creating a grid on your face with stick foundation and fill the areas in with darker products such as liquid bronzers and brushes. The process is fun but pretty long and certainly artistic, and even if half the work you will feel a picture of Picasso and the product applied maybe is more than what you would usually use, no fear, because at the moment of blending everything with a brush from soft bristles the picture will seem complete indeed (pun intended)!


Tonalizing drops for DIY haircolor


With closed hairdressers and unmanageable colors that no longer reflect the desire for spring that pulsates in the soul a huge hair make-over urges. A video that collected 3.4 million likes on Tik Tok shows the wonders of tonalizing drops, product which added and diluted in balm, hair creams or oils and left on for a while are able to revolutionize the nuance of the hair in a safe and incredibly effective way. Be careful not to put them directly on the hair though, because the risk is to be wanting an icy effect and then collect black tips!