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The best beauty products for our pet friends

If you share (also) your favorite beauty brands with your dog, here is the guide for you

The best beauty products for our pet friends If you share (also) your favorite beauty brands with your dog, here is the guide for you
Pet friendship is the modern must-have. The furry friend is the ultimate BFF, the one who would never betray or abandon us. And in this year of constant lockdowns, the dog has also become an accomplice to a never-before-experienced home routine. In addition to sharing the sofa, the bed and a few diet changes, we bet that you have adopted some beauty rituals for your little dog too. If you have not yet discovered it, we put you in front of a beautiful reality: that is that your favorite beauty brands also produce products designed specifically for pets.
And if you've created a careful beauty routine for yourself, it's time to create it for your pet friend too. Because even dogs have an excellent taste for all that is comfort and luxury. It is as valid for a gourmet meal as it is for a hair polish with an enveloping scent. Take for example Aesop who created You & Your Dog Duo, a duo of body cleansers with the same green and citrus notes, hyper refreshing. Or Kiehl's essential product line, the canine translation of Ouai shampoos and an exotic scent, for male or female puppies by Reminiscence, similar to that for the person. And since you perhaps love your pet more than yourself, here we have built your dream beauty routine. It'll make him/her as happy as that catchy-sounding toy or that pastel-colored crocodile-shaped bonbon he/she eats in a second.

Steps of the pet beauty routine

Many dog ​​groomers are currently closed, so here's how to proceed to a perfect, stress-free beauty session at home.
First, prepare a grooming area. Comfortable height, brushes and scissors, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste and a scented spray. The treats are also inevitable, to be given as a prize.
Gently brush its hair in the direction it grows, avoiding pulling the skin too much. Never use cotton swabs to clean the dog's ears, rather help yourself with an ad hoc spray and sterile gauze to gently clean.
Now it's bath time, which for some dogs may be a difficult experience. Place it in the tub or in a basin after filling them with warm water. Pick up the dog and use the jet to gently wet him, being careful not to spray jets in his face and not to get water into his ears. Massage a dollop of shampoo and, if you want, of conditioner to shine its hair more, and rinse thoroughly. Squeeze out the excess water with the help of a towel and return to the grooming area. Here, go away with the hair dryer until the hair is dry.