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How to decorate your spring lunch table in full bloom

How to decorate your spring lunch table in full bloom

Sitting at the table is a gesture that means sharing, conviviality, joy and well-being in all the cultures of the world. More and more often, however, the moment of the meal becomes automatic, and you quickly consume what you have in the pot between a work call and a project to finish. One way to be more conscious, present and happy when you eat is to take care of the preparation of the table, just as you would treat an outfit, and appreciate it together with the food. The phenomenon of tablescaping is constantly evolving and undergoes the trends of the different periods of the year. Between a flatlay and the search for the perfect light, for spring 2021 the imperative is to make the table bloom, in every detail. In styling are important combinations, contrasts and shades, and for the spring table pastel colors, details with flowers, decorated and decorative cutlery, glasses, carafes and vases are very important elements of a real photo shoot where you can fill your eyes with beauty and then your stomach. With Easter coming, colorful elements like chicks, eggs, flowers and chocolate make the possibilities of decoration literally endless. As a great event outfit, to get a colorful and cozy table for a spring lunch, every detail must be taken care of. From color palette to decoration, nss G-Club offers a guide with the basics of spring tablescaping.


Color Palette

Color is the protagonist of the warmer season. To create a luminous tablescape you need to think of the right combinations. Imagine everything that inspires you in spring and make it a color, then choose combinations accordingly. Starting with 4 colors to designate to each element of the table composition will help you keeping track of the creative process, including one basic shade, a contrasting one and two pop colors to give the desired accent. Basically on a white background it is easier to create without mistakes, while fuller shades require bold games and overlays, such as a blue tablecloth with white napkins and fuchsia details.


Tablecloth and napkins

As in any respectable outfit , having the starting floor to build the desired effect is very important. A tablecloth with a light background is deal to give a luminous effect, on which to build with colorful details, as already mentioned before. On a classic white tablecloth you can play with placemats using contrast or natural patterns, or eveng approaching summery majolicas stayin coherent with spring with floral decorations, while on white cotton or light green satin tablecloth are perfectly combined with patterns such as paisley or squares, even floral motifs with references to the world of nature are perfect to make the tablecloth the flowery lawn on which the magic of the meal will take place. Add napkins or placemats to contrast optically, without forgetting that too much strobe. 


Floral plates

The dish has a fundamental role at the table, and for this reason the choice of the right element must respect the hierarchy. Here too flowers, patterns, prints with animals, writings, crazy details: everything is allowed, the important thing is that the color scheme is either respected or completely distorted and then be recovered with other details. Needless to say, the more character the plate has, the more beautiful the composition as a whole.


Colorful glasses

Transparency given by glasses, bottles and carafes can only further illuminate the table. Glass reflects light and spreads it on the table top, lighting up the color of the decorations and creating a beautiful effect that immediately infuses a calming atmosphere. Wine glasses, flutes, water glasses in glass or plastic can be colored with all the shades of the rainbow for a pop effect.



A spring must is obviously blooming buds covering the trees. Translating that same spirit of rebirth to a table with a bouquet of fresh seasonal flowers, that can be a bunch of daisies or simply a plant that you have at hand will lead to the mise-en-place a touch of unique freshness. Try and see.



You can see perfection looking for it in the details. To decorate a festive spring table and make it suitable for Easter, add nice details such as plastic or real small coloured eggs inside clear glass goblets to be use as placeholders, use flowers to hold the napkin, place ceramic rabbits or birds on the table like they were strolling on the grass, add fake flowers, lamps and citrusy-sweet scents to make every moment at the table just beautiful and cheery! Have a look at our shopping guide if you miss some key pieces!