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5 steps for the perfect night ritual-care

From evening yoga to relaxing herbal tea, from chocolate with lavender to jade rollers

5 steps for the perfect night ritual-care From evening yoga to relaxing herbal tea, from chocolate with lavender to jade rollers

We have left Mercury retrograde behind us, and now more than ever it is important to relax, take care of yourself and not get overwhelmed by work and sentimental stress.

Our skin, as well as our whole body, is affected by the stress and pressures to which we are subjected: no product, no matter how effective, will ever really make us shine if first of all we do not take care of our body through proper nutrition. sport and small moments of relaxation.

So here are 5 steps for a perfect ritual-care by night, to allow yourself an evening of full physical and mental relaxation at least once a week.


STEP 1: Yoga by night

Yoga in the West is now perceived as a sporting activity, but its original matrix is that of a spiritual and meditative discipline.
Sport in general increases the release of endorphins and serotonin, but yoga in addition to that helps control the breath, muscle relaxation and the detachment of the mind from the thoughts that assail us every day.

There are several cycles and exercises that can be done in the evening before going to sleep, to promote a pleasant sleep.


STEP 2: Sheet mask + jade roller

Sheet masks in general are nothing more than cellulose soaked in a serum, but they certainly have a relaxing power.
For my nighttime ritual-care once a week I use a PackAge fabric mask, a Korean brand that calls itself “Emotional skin care for skin and emotion”. Their products are qualitatively good and effective, but also with a certain sensitivity towards design and the feelings of the consumer. After this week of intense stress, the perfect product to use is "Don’t Worry", a soothing fabric mask with Centella Asiatica, a plant with a strong soothing power.

PACKage Don't Worry Healing Mask

PACKage Don't Worry Healing Mask


To obtain a maximum relaxing effect, the fabric masks can be spread and massaged with the jade roller, a beauty tool with Chinese origins. There is no actual scientific evidence of its effectiveness on the skin, but it is definitely a very relaxing tool to use on the face after a busy day.


STEP 3: decaf green tea infusion with Vitamin C

A cup of hot herbal tea is always important to help you sleep well, but which one can be the best for our internal and external well-being?

A few months ago, intrigued by the drawing of a bear on the box, I bought the herbal tea "Sleepytime - Decaf Green Tea", a green tea infusion with lemon, jasmine, without theine. The product contains chamomile as the first ingredient, famous for its relaxing properties, but also antioxidants, and above all an addition of ascorbic acid, better known as Vitamin C, because let's not forget that daily well-being starts from within.

SLEEPYTIME Decaf Green Tea

SLEEPYTIME Decaf Green Tea


STEP 4: Dark chocolate with lavender

Dark chocolate is known as the perfect fallback for broken hearts, but its chemical properties are many and excellent for the body. It is renowned for both its anti-oxidant properties and its contribution to the release of endorphins in the body. In short, it is one of the most pop anti-stress we have seen on the big and small screen. But now imagine combining dark chocolate with lavender... What you get is absolutely tasty relaxation.

Try Dolfin's lavender dark chocolate, a bar of pure dark chocolate with small pieces of lavender inside. Lavender is a flower famous for its beneficial properties on mood and insomnia, but it is also excellent for the skin. Helps reduce aging thanks to the anti-oxidant action.

DOLFIN Cioccolato Fondente alla Lavanda

DOLFIN Cioccolato Fondente alla Lavanda


STEP 5: Rosewater Night Cream

La Rosewater Night Cream è un ottimo prodotto per mantenere la pelle idratata e nutrita tutta la notte, con l’aggiunta di un effetto di assoluto relax dovuto al profumo dell’acqua di rose contenuto nella formulazione.
The last step of the night ritual-care is also the protagonist: Heritage Store's Rosewater Night Cream.
After taking off the sheet mask, I usually massage the serum for a few minutes until it is completely absorbed, and to finish off the night skincare, I apply this night cream.

Rosewater Night Cream is an excellent product for keeping the skin hydrated and nourished all night, with the addition of an effect of absolute relaxation due to the scent of rose water contained in the formulation. Its formulation is mainly composed of: 5% niacinamide, which helps reduce redness and illuminate dark spots, excellent for strengthening the skin and at the same time making it radiant; hyaluronic acid, one of the best known ingredients in the skincare world for its action in maintaining hydration; olive oil and grape seed oil, both excellent moisturizing and antioxidant components; tocopherol, or vitamin E, one of the most famous and most present antioxidants in skincare products, precisely because of its action against free radicals and aging; finally aloe vera, excellent for its soothing and anti-bacterial properties.

HERITAGE STORE Rosewater Night Cream

HERITAGE STORE Rosewater Night Cream

The texture of the cream is very dense, excellent for keeping the skin nourished and hydrated for a long time, while its scent of roses is good and aroma-therapeutic, but not suitable for those who are sensitive to perfumes in cosmetic products.
This cream, in addition to being cruelty-free, vegan, without parabens or silicones, is also contained in a minimal packaging, consisting only of the plastic jar which, once finished, can be reused as an object holder or pot for seedlings.

The thing that intrigued me most, which is also the reason why I use this cream in my ritual-care, is actually their concept of "Aura". The brand speaks of soul-to-skin beauty, a philosophy according to which the glow of our skin and our body derives above all from our feelings and our inner well-being. For this reason, the brand uses "agitated and magnetized water to promote higher vibrations and energy" - states the brand - "We also use crystals in our formulas that are purified in the ocean under the full moon and inserted with the intention of obtain the maximum spiritual effect ".