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5 home-made remedies to the hangover

Remedies and treats for those who decide to spend their days in lockdown between spritz and gin&tonic

5 home-made remedies to the hangover Remedies and treats for those who decide to spend their days in lockdown between spritz and gin&tonic

It is useless to keep silent about the daytime parties. We are still allowed to mess around in the sunlight. It's funnier. Endless lunches, alcoholic breakfasts, useless dinners. But 10 pm is not enough to relieve the after-effects of whole days between spritz and gin and tonic.
The next morning, however, you wake up, tired, exhausted... but feeling alive. And if it's raining outside, it's even better.

Everything is perfect except for one little detail: the after-effects and the hangover. The toothpaste smells of Schweppes and the café au lait tastes of vodka sour, also bringing a little nostalgia with the memories of the night we spent dancing all night long.

Eggs never work and water is digestible only if diluted with double Oki. But even if many of you don't know, there is a remedy. Indeed more than one. Let's proceed in chronological order. And if you prefer shopping ahead of yoga, you are free to do as you wish.


1. Practice detox yoga

It only lasts a few minutes but is essential. A Yoga session will "squeeze" us, giving us the opportunity to eliminate the toxins of the night before. Subsequently, it is recommended to try drinking a few liters of water (or green tea, detoxifying herbal teas,... it doesn't matter, as long as it's not prosecco). Sara Bigatti was among the first Yoga teachers in Italy to bring the teaching of this discipline via the web. On her You Tube channel you will find a lot of very interesting videos for a first approach to the practice. In the meantime, I leave you "Yoga - Exercises to detoxify our body!".


2. Drink apple & lemon juice

Essential for liver detoxification. Apple juice can be easily found (sugar-free, I recommend) in many supermarkets. But if you have the option of making a fresh extract, it is even better.
For a week, until next Friday, I recommend you to drink a glass a day with the addition of half a lemon. Always on an empty stomach and before breakfast. Then it starts again.


3. Listen to a podcast

Yes, this is also a very important exercise. Going out for a walk in the fresh air will help relieve the feeling of nausea and guilt.
Morning breeze for stomach upset, podcast for hangover remorse. "Troie radicali” by Tea Hacic is a form of meditation: life just flows, and laughing at it is a good way to acknowledge it. Having fun is existence, and besides, it's beautiful. Shit figures? Part of the game. vitamin D, light, wind and Tea.
As a second step opt for "Philosophy and The City" by Giada Biaggi, for an infusion of history and philosophy mixed with a little healthy pop culture.


4. Do online shopping

Knowing what to wear is essential. Our skin does not simply cover our body but performs two very important functions: nutrition and elimination. The skin is an absorbent structure that nourishes the body and simultaneously ensures the elimination of waste together with the kidneys, intestines, liver and lungs. Obstructing the functions of the skin therefore means hindering our health. Wool, linen, cotton and all other naturally derived fabrics match our energy rhythms. When we are in contact with natural materials, energies flow without tension giving us well-being and pleasure.

If on the other hand, we wear artificial buildings, real "energy short circuits" can take place. The crackling or sparks produced while taking off a synthetic sweater, especially if the day is dry, are a demonstration of the electrostatic charges that can accumulate in the presence of acrylic fabrics, rubber soles or polyurethane furniture. If we are irritable, tense and stressed, these materials certainly contribute to increasing nervous states, especially if worn in direct contact with the body or if present in the bedroom (a place used for rest and energy recharge).

And in this regard, there are very interesting discounts on COS website. Better to move forward for the next day after outfit.

5. Skincare

First password: DEFLATE your puffy face with beauty rollers. The jade roller (to be kept in the freezer to maximize the effect) is used to stimulate the lymphatic system, drain liquids and eliminate toxins. Start massaging from the center of the face and move outwards.

As a second step: SCRUB and MASK. For the most willing, a gentle scrub to thoroughly cleanse the skin and regenerate it. Honey and sugar will do just fine. The skin will return radiant and hydrated. Then, apply an eye contour lightening and decongestant mask based on quinoa seed extract. It stays on for 15 minutes and does not rinse.

Finally, SUNGLASSES. Last but not least. There is no escape. At least this, to your loved ones, you owe them.