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The astrological season of Pisces

Get ready for a time full of romance and creativity

The astrological season of Pisces Get ready for a time full of romance and creativity

Bye bye Aquarius season and welcome magical season of Pisces.
On February 18, the Sun entered the last sign of the zodiac making us feel vibrations of calm and tranquility and helping to connect us more deeply with our emotions. I warn you, compassion and empathy will reach the stars!

Pisces is a changing sign, flexibleadaptable to change and always eager to experience new adventures. It is also a water sign: emotional, deep and with a magical sensitivity. This sign has something mystical, in fact many astrologers say that Pisces symbolize an incredible connection with the spiritual world.

Unfortunately, however, Pisces also have a "bad reputation": they are considered too moody, with their heads always in the clouds and, for this reason, unreliable (nothing more false!). Here, the new season will bring this mood to all signs, encouraging us to open our hearts to others and talk about our feelings and emotions without delay.
With the Sun in the twelfth sign, this astrological month will be all about romance and creativity! It is no coincidence that Pisces are one of the most artistic signs, linked to the world of poetry and music.

The celebrities born under this sign are Rihanna, Millie Bobby Brown, Justin Bieber, Tyler The Creator. What do they have in common? They are very creative, dreamy and romantic!

These Pisces vibes will be so strong as to allow all the signs to deepen their artistic side that they may have already rediscovered during the Aquarium season.
Obviously, however, it will not be all roses, because a "defect" of this sign is that often the heart prevails over the mind, making decisions that are questionable and very irrational. We must therefore commit ourselves and try to find a balance between emotions and logic.

Happy Pisces season!