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Egyptian Magic, a real "all purpose skin cream"

Face and body cream, lip balm, highlighter, hair mask and much more

Egyptian Magic, a real all purpose skin cream Face and body cream, lip balm, highlighter, hair mask and much more

The Egyptians were famous for their cult of beauty: from the idealization in the Goddess Hathor to the real personification of beauty par excellence, namely Cleopatra. In addition to being a great civilization from an architectural and artistic point of view, the Egyptians were known for the care of their appearance, becoming famous throughout the West for the art of cosmetics.

It is from this story that the idea of Egyptian Magic came to life in 1991: a multi-use cream composed of only six natural ingredients, just as it happened in Ancient Egypt. This product quickly became a cult, loved by both beauty specialists and celebrities for three main reasons: its 100% natural formulation, the glow effect it leaves on the skin and its multiple uses contained in a single jar.

This magical cream is free of alcohol, parabens and synthetic fragrances, but above all it is cruelty-free. The protagonists of Egyptian Magic are only six and all natural: olive oil, beeswax, honey, pollen, pappa reale and propolis. Thanks to this formulation, the cream is rich in excellent antioxidant properties, thanks to the presence of olive oil; and moisturizing properties, in fact it has the ability to retain water inside the skin, slowing down the skin's natural dehydration process; finally soothing and antibacterial properties, thanks to the presence of honey.

The texture of the cream is very dense, excellent to use during the colder seasons like winter, but also perfect for a no-make-up summer look, thanks to its natural shine. The most interesting part of the Egytpian Magic are its different uses because, as its claim says, it is an "All Purpose Skin Cream".


Egyptian Magic was designed to be a face cream to be used especially in the evening, thanks to its very dense texture. The glow effect it leaves on the skin also makes it suitable for summer for no-makeup looks or for a dolphin-skin effect.


Egyptian Magic is a perfect eye contour, thanks to its density and its brightness.


This multi-use cream is excellent as a lip balm, in fact it manages both to moisturize the lips and to give a glossy appearance. In addition, the 7.5ml mini-size is perfect to keep in your bag to always have it with you.


Between cracked skin, freezing cold and the massive use of sanitizing gels, Egyptian Magic is ideal for moisturizing and protecting hands during the winter season.


One of its most frequent uses is certainly as a body butter. Val Garland, famous makeup artist, confessed that one of her secrets for the looks of the fashion shows is precisely the Egyptian Magic: not only to illuminate the face, but above all to make the bodies of the models shine, giving a touch of natural glow. It can also be used as an after-shave cream, thanks to its soothing properties.



Egyptian Magic is often used as a hair mask or as a nourishing conditioner, thanks to its buttery texture.


Thanks to its illuminating properties, we can use the cream as if it were a glossy highlighter for our makeup. On the eyes, on the cheeks or even as a finish on the lips.

Packing so many uses in one jar, Egyptian Magic is definitely an eco-sustainable choice. Furthermore, the packaging is minimal: the cream is sold directly from the plastic jar, closed only by the guarantee seal, without further boxes (except for the mini-size, designed to be sold in drug stores among the lip balms).

Once the product is exhausted, to better recycle the jar and make the purchase truly sustainable, it can be reused as an object holder or as a vase for plants with very cool graphics.