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The movie to stream based on your style

When matchy-matchy isn't just a matter of outfits

The movie to stream based on your style When matchy-matchy isn't just a matter of outfits

On Wednesdays we we were pink; this is the fashion statement from Mean Girls - do you remember it? Every day we are flooded on IG with matchy-matchy posts on what to wear according to our mood from this influencer or that influencer; but we are ambitious girls and we want to give a cultural twist and to add one more step. Thanks to our list, you can match your personality and / or your style to a cult movie. Which is the perfect movie for you?



Your movie: The Grand Budapest Hotel by Wes Anderson

If there is a Marie Kondo inside you and on your desk and the highlighters - obviously in pastel colors - are arranged symmetrically, the movie for you is The Grand Budapest Hotel, in my opinion, the most symmetrical movie by Wes Anderson.



Your movie: Nocturnal Animal by Tom Ford

Second film directed by the designer Tom Ford; if you are a fan of contemporary art (and God only knows how much you miss the happy hours at Fondazione Prada) you really must see this. Amy Adams here plays an ultra-chic and ultra sad gallery owner, but with the house flooded with crazy works of art.



Your movie: L.A. Story by Steve Martin

Ok, we are in the 90s and you can feel it. Scripted and starring American comedian Steve Martin, the film focuses on some bizarre characters that populate Los Angeles including the eccentric store promoter, a very young Sarah Jessica Parker. Her beach outfit is more nineties than it can be: two-tone preformed bra and bike shorts.



Your movie: Pauline à la plage by Èric Rohmer

We are in Granville, Normandy. Taking us sur la plage from our comfortable sofa at home is the French director Èric Rohmer with his 1983 masterpiece: Pauline à la plage. Rohmer is certainly the most feminist director of the Nouvelle Vague. In her films, dialogue and words play a central role, and the (beautiful) women speak most of all and have simple Parisian holiday looks that can be easily imitated.



Your movie: Climax by Gaspard Noè

If for you partying is much more than a lifestyle but a real aesthetic experience that influences you from the way you eat to that of dressing Climax is the film for you. For almost two hours, you will see, closed clubs will be just a distant memory and your punk soul will experience an intense emotional refresh.