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5 home decor trends of 2021

The latest trends that we will also see in the new year

5 home decor trends of 2021 The latest trends that we will also see in the new year

Goodbye "less is more", welcome extravaganza. This is how we could summarize the interior design and home decor trends for the new year that has just begun, where the Mad Men aesthetic of the 50s goes hand in hand with the glam of the 80s. After years of clean and minimal lines, our homes are enriched with new shapes and colors, patterns, objects that amplify the spaces like arched mirrors, pop wallpaper, extravagant furniture and design decorations. After the period of the first lockdown, which saw our houses transform into "happy places" with cocoon vibes, the air is changing.

Just like fashion, home decor is truly a mirror of the current times, and becomes a way to build an escape from a reality where the home is perceived as the only safe place and our "happy place". Here is a list of the 5 home decor trends we will see in 2021.



Pop colors and patterns take hold of the interior walls to decorate them to the nth degree. Floral, natural, vintage, geometric and futuristic patterns create an elegant and dynamic effect, for an escape from reality. If soft shapes like Kandinsky harmonize the soul of the rooms, the wallpaper tones give character to each room. The black & white version gives an optical effect, while more luxurious motifs with light and dark effects make the environment more sophisticated, like the version by Maison Elie Saab in collaboration with Zambaiti Parati, the wallpapers by Gucci Decór or Missoni.


Mirrors & decorations

If in difficult times nostalgia becomes a temple to take refuge in, this year's interior design trends dive against the tide. The ornaments to decorate the different areas of the house with take on sinuous shapes, become female bodies from which flowers, futuristic totems and synthetic candles with oblique, tapered and symbolic shapes emerge. Another predominant element are the arched mirrors or with maxi frames with a vintage touch, which open up new worlds within the room, amplifying the concept of space as Salvador Dalì's mirrors did by mystifying the concept of time.


Sinuous lines

The furnishings undergo mutations resulting from the changes of modern times and soften. The edges of the furniture become rounded, welcoming, and embrace the physiognomy of the human body, which now more than ever needs absolute comfort. Isle shapes, padded and soft armchairs and poufs, in materials such as velvet and fake fur emerge in the living area, as well as in the bedroom, to guarantee relaxation between a smart working session and a call to the distant family. Snuggling up on a soft, cloud-like sofa covered in throw pillows and throws at the end of the day is really something that makes the world outside less scary.


Grand-millennial "granny-chic" style

Nostalgic elements recalling the elegance of colonial-style houses echo the past and return today to cheer you up in these difficult times. The predominant materials of grand-millennial style also known as granny-chic, an extension of this summer's vintage and cottage-core aesthetic trend, are wood, brass and cream-colored walls or floral wallpaper. Vases, mirrors, ceramic sets are the perfect elements to bring a pinch of romantic vintage nostalgia to any environment, and will remind you, as the name of the trend says, of the smell and atmosphere of grandmothers' homes.


Natural elements

Humans seeks nature, they want to feel part of it, and in 2021 this combination becomes a must: every area of the house, to be truly welcoming and promote the wellness of those who live there, should include at least one element that recalls nature. A bright space, full of elements like wood, raffia, flowers and houseplants, guarantees more serenity in everyday life in smart mode, and is easy to furnish and makes you feel the beauty of caring for little things. A mix of Scandinavian minimalism and Japanese culture of wabi-sabi, which converges in a natural hygge without excesses, an imperfect beauty that favors simplicity, sustainability and nature.