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3 natural beauty secrets to try at home

Clay, aloe vera and home-made vapors for a DIY skincare

3 natural beauty secrets to try at home Clay, aloe vera and home-made vapors for a DIY skincare

Skincare is always a very important topic to deal with and should not be underestimated: especially during the sudden changes of the season, the skin deserves to be listened to according to your needs, always subjective.

According to my personal experience, the ideal is to often vary the products from season to season and often try natural remedies, or beauty tips acquired over the years by my mother and my grandmother, very wise women and attentive to skin care.

Here 3 beauty tips for your beauty routine, write down the following tips, save them in your notes on the Iphone or on your agenda. Enjoy!



Always used as a curative to soothe swelling or inflammation, including muscle, a perfect detox action for especially oily skin, not recommended for those with very reactive skin, which therefore tends to redden quickly and for those with very dry skin.

HOW TO: Dilute the green clay in powder (you can easily buy it in herbalists) with a few drops of water in order to create a homogeneous mixture and distribute a good dose on the T-zone of the face, i.e. forehead, nose and chin, and leave in apply until the clay is completely dry, which will turn from dark green to light green, rinse with plenty of lukewarm water and pass a veil of moisturizing cream on the face.



Aloe is an elixir of health and beauty, because both aesthetically and internally in our body, this plant brings many benefits.

HOW TO: The ideal is to apply aloe vera, the leaf of the plant, directly on your skin: its action is so energetic that it also relieves atopic dermatitis that often affects both men and women. If you were to be able to get the plant itself, easy to find in the nurseries in the city, the advice is to cut a leaf at the base of the plant, place it in the refrigerator and cut a small part as needed, divide it in half and apply on the face or on the affected area the transparent gel contained within it. After a few minutes also apply a veil of moisturizing cream as the skin, absorbing the benefits of aloe, will also need hydration.



The work of professionals is best left to expert hands, but in the meantime, we can create very simple and fast home made vapors to give a more rested and luminous look to our face, in a few easy steps.

HOW TO: Heat a pot of water until it almost boils, then place it on a table and bring your face to the pot that will smoke, cover your head and face with a cloth and stay on for 10 minutes. For a moment of true and pure relaxation, the advice is to put a few drops of lavender essential oil with a dropper so as to make nice deep breaths during the vapors and also relax the mind as well as the skin.

All these treatments should not be used more than once a week because they could excessively dry the skin, only aloe vera needs continuity and consistency and has no limits of use.