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5 brow treatments to try in Milan

The addresses to mark on the agenda to give a defined and natural shape to your brows

5 brow treatments to try in Milan The addresses to mark on the agenda to give a defined and natural shape to your brows

We all know that the eyebrows are the frame of the eyes. Carefully curated, with a wild and natural effect or more defined: Instagram in the last few years has revived the trend of full and well-defined eyebrows, super natural (sometimes with a wild touch). This Fall/Winter will also follow the trend of thick eyebrows, thanks to lamination, treatments and tints.

In short, perfection is no longer a trend and super thin shapes are just a distant memory. 2020 wants upward combed eyebrows with natural arches, thanks to the use of ad hoc products to be used at home or special treatments offered in the brow bars: magical places where a team of experts study and designs the shape of the brows, that are perfect for your face.

Comfortable and highly specialized, these salons are beauty spaces where in 20-30 minutes (less than a lunch break) you can rely on an eyebrow design expert to take a relaxing break and give yourself a new look. There are many different treatments: from henna to lightening (perhaps to match the color of the eyebrows to that of the hair) to the most popular such as microblading or lamination.

That's why, nss G-Club collected the 5 brow bars in Milan where you can indulge in relaxing (and certainly useful) eyebrow treatments.



To try: Eyebrow tint

A treatment that gives a touch of color to the eyebrows, emphasizing them in a natural way to be perfect from the moment you wake up, with or without makeup.

Brow Bar Boutique Benefit Cosmetics
Corso Vittorio Emanuele 24/28, Milan



To try: Eyebrow bend

Treatment for hard and indomitable eyebrows that allows you to soften them and thus improve their quality.

The Brow Bar
Via Bigli 24, Milan



To try: Semi-Permanent reconstruction

The semi-permanent reconstruction allows you to fill in the voids of the eyebrows through the attachment of synthetic hairs or to intervene on the color to give a more or less intense effect.

Plumes Atelier dello Sguardo
Via Clusone 1, Milan



To try: Lamination

A natural healing therapy and an aesthetic treatment aimed at filling and smoothing the eyebrows with a glossy finish.

Hey Lash
Via Lupetta 12, Milan



To try: Microblanding

The treatment consists of introducing bioabsorbable pigments into the first layer of the dermis through micro-incisions capable of recreating the hair by hair effect, improving the shape of the eyebrows.

Brow Studio Milano
Via Vetere 10, Milan