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Chanel cultivates beauty

The Maison takes us on a journey through its "open-air laboratories"

Chanel cultivates beauty The Maison takes us on a journey through its open-air laboratories

CHANEL reveals the secrets of its beauty treatments and takes us around the world among beautiful and precious plants and flowers, the raw materials that make Maison's creams and perfumes special. From Africa to Europe, passing through Latin America, the brand's open-air laboratories are real vegetable supply chains of excellence, centers of research, cultivation and botanical experimentation where exclusive natural ingredients are created and become part of the CHANEL skincare treatments

Since the creation of perfume N°5 in 1921, Gabrielle Chanel has cultivated beauty. For her essences and cosmetics, she has always been inspired by nature, choosing with care, respect and transparency the best raw materials available. For this reason, her was one of the first fashion houses to start, in 1987, a collaboration with the largest producer of flowers of Pégomas, which provides it the most beautiful and fragrant roses and jasmines.

In this way, we discover the origin of three of the main components of the Sublimage line: Anthillys and Solidago extract, which are cultivated in the French Alps, and the exfoliating agents of the Sublimage line, which come from the seeds of Madagascar's Vanilla Planifolia. If before this vanilla was chosen by Parfums Laboratories for its olfactory qualities, since 2000, thanks to the anti-aging properties of its molecules, it is also used in skincare products. 

In 2013, the CHANEL research team discovered the extraordinary properties of a coffee from Costa Rica, which is extraordinarily rich in antioxidant molecules used in the Bleu Serum product line. Its cherries are harvested and dried in the sun using a traditional method, while the cold-pressed green beans produce an oil with a highly protective active ingredient.

And the Camellia? Mademoiselle Chanel's favorite flower, a fundamental element of the Hydra Beauty line, blossoms in south-west France, where it is grown in full respect of the environment and without the use of chemical substances.