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5 places for breakfast in Milan

The historic pastry shops, true landmarks of the city

5 places for breakfast in Milan The historic pastry shops, true landmarks of the city

We all agree, there is no better way to start the day than with a delicious breakfast. Both during the week, to collect the energy to face a day of work / study, but especially in the weekend, when we have time to relax while enjoying tasty croissants or homemade cakes.

If you want to take your friends or your crush to have breakfast together in a traditional place, offering irresistible sweets and at the same time recreating the atmosphere of the Old Milan, nss G-Club found the right places for you: here are the 5 cafes / historic pastry shops for an unforgettable breakfast in Milan.


1. Pasticceria Gattullo

Pasticceria Gattullo is a true icon in Milan: it was founded in 1961 and still today combines traditional flavors with new creative inspirations in a harmonious way. Breakfast is a must, but also ideal for happy hour and lunch.
Fun fact: Breakfast at Gattullo is so iconic that it is even the title of a song!

Pasticceria Gattullo
Piazzale di Porta Lodovica 2, Milano


2. Marchesi 1824

Marchesi 1824 is one of the oldest pastry shops in Milan, owned by the Prada group, which stands out for its refined pastry, the offer of chocolate and ice cream, and the production of Panettone, the famous Milanese dessert. There are 3 different locations in Milan, but the coolest is the one overlooking the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele.

Marchesi 1824
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milano


3. Pasticceria Cucchi

Pasticceria Cucchi is synonymous with made in Italy, and above all made in Milan, since 1936 when it was founded by Luigi Cucchi and his wife Vittorina. Here, too, the typical Panettone is produced all year long, not only as a Christmas cake, but as a real family tradition. Cakes, pastries, panettone, are just some of the reasons to visit this magical place!

Pasticceria Cucchi
Corso Genova 1, Milano


4. Pasticceria Sissi

Not only sweets. Pasticceria Sissi is renowned for its artisan croissants filled with (a lot!) of cream or chocolate. Ideal for breakfast, brunch and lunch, the restaurant also offers an excellent variety of savory dishes, like savory croissants with ham and cheese.
Fun fact: Sissi is the name of the owner, who runs the place with her husband Zig.

Pasticceria Sissi
Piazza Risorgimento 6, Milano


5. Pasticceria Cova

A historic Milanese pastry shop founded in 1817pasticceria Cova - property of LVMH group - is a meeting place famous all over the world: Cova celebrates craftsmanship, Italian style and excellence, offering a cosmopolitan clientele products of the highest quality. Perfect location for lunch, breakfast, tea or an aperitif. Definitely worth a try!

Pasticceria Cova
Via Monte Napoleone 8, Milano