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Confessions with Gaya: the first date

Our advice to deal with this long-awaited (but also feared) moment with mindfulness

Confessions with Gaya: the first date Our advice to deal with this long-awaited (but also feared) moment with mindfulness

Last Sunday, during nss G-Club Confessions with Gaya on nss G-Club Instagram page, we discussed the topic of the first date. An experience that happened to us all at least once in our life and that - even for those who have already faced several first dates - inevitably creates a feeling of anxiety and concern, especially in this moment of a "new beginning".

If during this lockdown you found a new crush, and you talked hours and hours on the phone, until you consumed the phone texting (or sexting), and maybe during phase two you exchanged glances with each other, now it's time to get to know the person hiding under that face mask. Whatever happened to you in the last months, if you are going to have a first date, these Confessions were dedicated to you: we gave the chance to the friends of nss G-Club to go wild with questions of any kind about the topic of the first date.
In addition to a selection of movies about the first date, we choose the 10 best questions, the funniest among those received during the Confessions episode, followed by the advice and ironic comments by Gaya. So, how would you face these situations? Remember that in love there are no universal rules to follow, but rather advice to listen to, in order to decide which one is best for your situation. Enjoy!

#9 - No comments

This is like adding insult to the injury. I'd rather not add anything else.


#2 - Uncomfortable topics

Don't talk about "uncomfortable" topics, too personal stuff. But above all, NEVER mention your ex. Just be yourself.


#3 - Flashback

It is always better to avoid re-opening situations that closed long time ago: probably what you feel is not a real desire or need for that person, but it's more likely to be laziness, boredom and anxiety for the future.


#4 - The sailor

Certainly it was a bit awkward. He probably expected his ship to land in your port, still unknown to him, and he made a first run-in in waters already well known to him, metaphorically speaking.


#5 - Dilemma pt.1

Such a frequent question that we are almost afraid to say it out loud, but pre-date hair removal is just a matter of desire, your desire. Like a shield that can protect us from another fuckboy. If it makes you feel better to shave, just do it!


#6 - The professor

10 points in Gryffindor! Just kidding, if already on the first date he wants to judge all your choices... you better watch out for this kind of person in a relationship!


#7 - The honest one

It's easy, just tell him. Both because you should never put too much swallow in one bit, but also because if something is meant to be between the two of you, it is good that you know that you can speak to one another with your hearth open from the start.


#8 - The indecisive

If he doesn't convince you right away, it doesn't mean it's a NO. During the first date, both strive to make a good impression to each other, but anxiety often makes everything fall apart, so in case of doubt it is good to give a second chance. If after the second / third date you are still not convinced, then forget it, both for your own good and for his, too!


#9 - Dilemma pt.2

For someone they do, for others they don't, we all hope to find the answer to this existential doubt one day (maybe this date will be the answer for you!).


#10 - Broke but cute

Not necessarily. Maybe he doesn't follow the "galateo" laws (that is actually quite old stuff) or maybe he's just a little broke at the moment. In both cases, it does not mean that he is not a sweetheart.