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6 movies to watch before the first date

Let's say goodbye to stress and insecurity (at least we will try)

6 movies to watch before the first date Let's say goodbye to stress and insecurity (at least we will try)

New date, same story: anxiety, butterflies in the stomachtingling, heartbeat. After months of flirting, he finally asked you out, but now you're freaking out in total panic.

Remember, whatever phase of life you are facing, there is always the right movie reflecting that specific situation. Especially if we talk about love life, and in particular the fateful first date, there are many movies that describe the joy, excitement, fear of saying something wrong, curiosity to find out more about our crush of that moment.

With this list of movies, we certainly can't promise you that you will find the love of your life. But we hope that, thanks to these 6 movies to watch before a first date, you will arrive at your date with a little more mindfulness and much more self-confidence!


1. Hitch

Have you ever had a crush? Or better, a crush on a person you think is so much far away from you? Don't worry, Will Smith aka Date Doctor in this movie will shows you the tricks of seduction and how he managed to invent a profession as consultant thanks to his "dating manual", where the impossible becomes possible.


2. You've Got [email protected]

What makes Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks feel the butterflies in their stomach in this comedy is not their phone ringing, or the sound of the doorbell, but rather a notification of the e-mail box. And so a love story was born in the late 90s, framed by a Christmas New York, where the protagonists talk to each other anonymously, without knowing that they actually knew each other and, for work reasons, did not even get along very well!


3. 10 Things I Hate About You

If you've ever wondered if you like or if you really love someone, this movie accompanies you to discover feelings: a teenage love story born thanks to a bet with a friend. Although Health Ledger made us a little angry in this movie, he actually made us all fall in love too.


4. Annie Hall

A timeless movie, filmed in New York, directed by Woody Allen who is also the main protagonist, tracing his love story with his ex girlfriend, Annie, role played by Diane Keaton - his ex girlfriend also in real life. Woody Allen shows many of the stereotypes of relationships in which we can all see ourselves.


5. The Notebook

If you are talking about Love movies with capital L, you can't forget to mention "The Notebook" where a young novice couple tries to make us understand and relive together how difficult, exciting and romantic is the search for love, just like in this movie!


6. 50 First Dates

Not all first dates are as we imagined them and hoped. In this comedy Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore make us relive the fateful moment many many many times, until it magically becomes the first date of their (and our) dreams!