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The right setting spray for every skin type

The importance of the final step in the make-up routine

The right setting spray for every skin type The importance of the final step in the make-up routine

The moment of make-up is like a ritual. Faithful and hopeful, we follow all the steps to get a result that highlights our features. Whether it's an everyday makeup or for a special night, primer, foundation, concealer and mascara (and many other products) do their magic on our face. However, we often forget the final touch, which is responsible not only for the duration but also for the general look of our make-up during the day. Could be the hurry to have mentioned a false "I'm leaving the house" when in reality we are still making our eyebrows, or simple forgetfulness, the setting spray is often mistakenly left behind.

The setting spray is the number one ally for smart, fresh and perfect makeup all day long. It uniforms, blends and gives brightness, and is the only make-up product that does not need any particular care during application. It is often multitasking. So why discriminate it? In addition to fixing makeup all day, it is very useful to refresh it, especially on those important days where it is essential to always be at your best, but also to add an additional layer of protection for the skin. Let's not forget the glow factor, to be calibrated at will with the choice of a spray setting with colored micro-crystals of all shades.

This type of product makes the difference on make-up, especially for those who go around town, where they are in close contact with the city smog or exposed to sunlight. Choosing the right formulation for your needs is the key to obtain the maximum performance from a setting mist. Let's see which are the best online, for all needs.


BECCA Skin Love Glow Shield Prime & Set Mist

The best friends of dry skin are hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and essential oils, which inserted in the alcohol-free formulation of Becca Skin keep the skin hydrated all day. The spray works both as a primer and as a fixing spray and is enriched with BECCA's Glow Nectar Complex Brightening Hydra Complex, a mixture of ingredients that help to illuminate, moisturize and nourish the skin, as well as to fix. Excellent to take with you for a quick touch up.


BOBBI BROWN Primer Plus Hydrating Setting Spray

After applying the Bobbi Brown 3-in-1 setting spray, dry skin will breathe a sigh of relief: the product is suitable for preparing, fixing and refreshing makeup at any time of the day and is enriched with moisturizing oils that make the hydrated complexion, uniform and without any imperfection. Goodbye pulling skin and ultra-opaque effect from excess face powder!


HUDA BEAUTY Resting Boss Face

For oily skin, which tends to polish a lot during the day and dissolve makeup, the ideal is to choose a mattifying and long-lasting product, which fixes the make-up on the face leaving the skin radiant. The Huda Beauty spray setting deserves a special mention in this list not only for the ironic name, worthy of a meme, but for the ultra-long-lasting ultra-matte finish that does not dry the skin. To try absolutely on the most important days (both online and offline)!


SKINDINAVIA Finishing Spray Bridal

Sixteen hours of perfect duration and anti-sweat formula. These are the main characteristics of the product preferred by many professional make-up artists for bridal and performance looks. This spray setting is perfect for real warriors who want to have the look of makeup during the day as their last thought and be impeccable at all times.


COOLA Setting Spray SPF30

We have already talked about the importance of sunscreen in the beauty routine, so why not also use a setting spray with SPF to enhance the protective screen? The Coola setting spray with SPF30 has a broad-spectrum protection, and is enriched with extracts of green tea, aloe vera and cucumber with a smoothing action and hyaluronic acid. Perfect for days in the open air, like those ahead of us at the end of this endless quarantine.


PIXI Sun Mist

Prevention is better than cure. That's why the Pixi Sun Mist is the best ally against skin aging, with sunscreen 30 and Cucumber and Sunflower extracts. It can be sprayed before, during and after make-up to reinforce the protective action against the sun's rays during the day. The texture is invisible, impalpable and supports the duration of the make-up by protecting the skin.


GLAMGLOW Glowsetter

An inebriating citrus but sweet scent accompanies every vaporization of the Glamglow Glowsetter, an excellent fixing spray for normal and combination skin. The formula based on green, white and red tea, with antioxidant properties and enriched with caffeine, soothes red skin and gives a health effect even on the most tired and dull complexions. It gives an incredible glass effect on the skin, ideal for making the face shine with its own light throughout the day.


MAC Fix + Bronzelite

Last, but not least, the illuminating spray par excellence. The Mac Fix + family expands season after season adding heavenly fragrances and different colors of shiny micro-crystals for all tastes to the famous Fix + Original long-lasting fixing water. Mac recently launched the Mac Prep + Prime Fix Plus Bronzelite, equipped with pearlescent bronze-colored microparticles that blend with the formulation of the famous fixing spray creating a product that gently warms the complexion for a lasting "sun-kissed skin" effect. A must-have for the coming summer!