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How to turn dreams into goals with the vision board

A hobby that helps keep balance when everything seems to stand still

How to turn dreams into goals with the vision board A hobby that helps keep balance when everything seems to stand still

These are hard times for dreamers. The weight of an unreal daily life crushes us by expanding time in a vast sea where each stroke lasts several hours and it is difficult not to lose our bearings. If you don't know where to direct your energies, even making plans for the future seems pointless. But losing heart is useless, and now more than ever we need the right mindset to be ready to start again. Being mentally active brings serenity in times when you feel stuck and helpless, just like this. Above all, more free time offers the opportunity to reflect on our own path and identify new goals to start all over again! To better visualize the big picture of one's life, and to name big desires, distant goals and ambitions of a life, the vision board is the right method.

The vision board is a "wish" board, which through the use of a collage of images, quotes and symbols inspires daily to undertake a path to set and achieve a specific goal or ambition. It is a sort of reminder, a declaration of intentions made to ourselves. The vision board is an instrument of visual manifestation, dear to the famous "law of attraction", which sees the cosmic energies of desire and the power of the brain at the basis of human happiness. He reads or does not read, it is scientifically proven that realizing one's desires visually and always having them under one's eyes brings an extra charge in the path to reach them. We think of the mood-boards used in styling and in the creative sphere, the Instagram pages from which we draw inspiration every day. Are they not visual tools for putting ideas into practice? On the other hand, Ariana Grande also sings "I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it", confirming this thesis.

The vision board can be oriented either towards achieving a long-term goal (if one is clear - gain more money for example), or a dream we have (like a place to visit) or even "intuitive", in the event that you choose to follow only instinct and you cannot define a specific goal, choosing only what attracts us to create a vision board. Needless to say, it is the perfect time to start entering this order of ideas: everything stops, creativity does not.

The assembly process is very simple and cheap, very similar to that of a collage, but with a very different spirit. We decided to suggest a physical vision board, that will make you play and try literally on your hands the ritual of "visioning", and a digital version, for the maniacs of Instagram aesthetic and graphic mood boards.


How to create a physical vision board

1. Choose the theme of the vision board accurately: work, style, personal achievement, travel, etc.

2. Collect all images and inspirational quotes for a particular theme. Magazines, books, newspapers from which to cut images are perfect, and cutting them from printed paper almost creates a magic ritual around the practice. It is a precious moment in which the mind is oriented towards what it loves and concentrated.

3. Design a layout that is aesthetically nice and functional.

4. Put the collected material on a paper card (which can be of any size, better than an A4), paying attention to the arrangement.

5. Decorate the layout, go crazy! Glitters, stickers, beads, fabrics, tickets, whatever you like!

6. A beautiful painting deserves a beautiful frame. The vision board may already be complete like this, but for an extra touch, we recommend you frame it to make it even more effective.

7. It is essential to hang or position the vision board in a place you often have access to, a place that you constantly see. The vision board needs to be always under your eyes, in order not to forget the goal you want to achieve.

Per una vision board If you don't have a printer, or want a less patchwork result, don't worry! For a digital vision board it is sufficient to create a collage of images using sites such as Canva or applications such as Paint 3D from a PC, but also PicsArt and many others directly from a mobile phone. Here we give you the instructions to create a perfect vision board on Canva. To collect the material, besides having a lot of curiosity and inspiration, it can be useful to use Pinterest or Tumblr which offer an infinite archive of images, for all tastes and needs.


How to create a digital vision board

1. Browse the format menu and choose the better format for your needs, for example "Presentation" for a desktop screensaver or "Poster" for a mobile / tablet wallpaper.

2. After collecting all the images that interest you for the bulletin board, insert them in the "Uploads" folder. In this section, unleash your creativity, because the arrangement of the images is important in this virtual version as in the paper version. With the "Layout" option you can choose from hundreds of ready-made templates for a more orderly collage.

3. Move the images on the sheet and cut them out, add filters from the menu at the top left and special effects as you wish, paying attention to the color match and style. For a truly realistic collage effect, overlay the images via the drop-down menu that opens by clicking with the right mouse button. Use a filter to uniform the appearance of the collage, or more than one to bring out some particular element.

4. Once you get the desired result, save and set the image as a PC desktop or the main screen of your smartphone, so as never to lose sight of it!


nss G-Club special tips

Updating the vision board from time to time is a good way to interact with yourself and check up on the path to reach the goal. For the physical vision board it is very easy to add or remove elements, while for the digital one it is sufficient to keep the project saved on the site and change the images from time to time, adjusting the vision board to your objectives or creating a completely new one every time.

Making a vision board is a panacea for determination and self-love, a great way to reconnect with yourself and create something unique. Furthermore, spending an afternoon surrounded by things we like, we keep our mind active in a positive and productive way. A certain Einstein said "Life is like riding a bicycle: if you want to stay in balance you have to move": the vision board is the first step towards an ideal future. And if it won't be as we expect, better yet.