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Why you should stop hating Chiara Ferragni. And I mean like, right now

The premiere of her documentary urges a reflection on her success and its perception

Why you should stop hating Chiara Ferragni. And I mean like, right now  The premiere of her documentary urges a reflection on her success and its perception

Chiara Ferragni’s life documentary, Unposted, directed by Elisa Amoruso, will be presented today at the Venice Film Festival. It may seem an insignificant event to many of you, but it’s not. Back in 2009, Chiara started from downtown Cremona with a blog in which she was posting her fave outfits, and managed after a few years to create a real empire, changing once and for all the rules of the fashion industry marketing game. Among detractors and real (!) haters, and who instead love her to bits, it is undeniable that Chiara Ferragni did what no one before her could do. This docu-film is just the last move in a series of unpredictable moves of this Instagram monster whose profile we all spied at least once, some with astonishment, some with envy. 

Chiara seems to have genuine fun being a mother, a wife, dressing in pink, going to fashion shows, traveling the world. Everything she does she is smiling, maybe even when she doesn't feel like it. A few months ago I asked a friend of mine who is a rapper if he felt the burden of having to post every single day Stories on Instagram in which he greets the fans and explains what he is doing in that specific moment. He said that he likes it most of the time, but he admits of feeling the pressure and it is not easy for him keeping up with the posting 24/7 because he is a human being, just like us and it does happen that he wakes up feeling slightly less motivated sometimes. Yet Chiara does not happen to show us when she’s sad. I personally do not follow her on Instagram, yet if I bump on her profile she always gives me the impression to be honestly happy feeling bubbly: Fedez tries to show the clumsy side of his wife posting a pic with her double chin which she promptly reposts, or he’s laughing at her when she takes herself too seriously during one of her "Hi guys" video greetings. There’s the goofy French bulldog that she takes on planes with her called Matilda and a baby boy called “Lello”, who giggles with his 4 teeth while he hands over to her a cookie or tries to put blush on her cheeks playing with her make-up. Every day she builds a new narrative of her life and to be honest, I would not be able to do the same myself, I like to go to the grocery’s close to my house wearing my pajamas to buy milk on a Sunday morning, and Chiara decided she would give up this "luxury”, as when she steps out of the door paparazzi are already there waiting for her.

Chiara is just a girl who enjoys life and shows every single moment of her daily on Instagram. C’mon, we all have friends who are a bit self-centered slightly obsessed with their smartphone, don’t we? But do we actually text them insults replying to every single story or post? I don't think so, right? We are a generation of vain self-centered people who post content they consider special at their personal discretion, and we are always online. She is one of those examples easy to criticize because everyone knows her, but could we stop for a second and reconsider that she runs an actual business of a team of 40 people and abroad they call her "entrepreneur" and they mention her in business articles and not on gossip blogs? 

We are a generation that has been told so many things by the previous ones, things like that only talented people deserve to be valued, but now it's time to understand that we are not in a position to criticize, but rather we must support. We are a country of young people who have to create our own job in order to make a living, and Chiara has done this for real, once she realized that the brands would turn to her in order to promote their products. What she does doesn’t harm anyone, yes, ok ok, she is not a philosopher or a doctor, but are we all forced to do a job in which we save lives in order to be accepted? She overcame the fear of failure and trusted that Instagram wouldn’t have become outdated in a couple of years. One thing I learned about her pretty soon was that she launched a shoe brand and that was one of her main incomes rather than getting paid for Instagram posting so that she could work and invest her energies on different fields at the same time. How come we feel we have the right to criticize here, when many of us cannot plan multiple strategies at once and have to rely on the same job over and over and over, in order to feel safe. Maybe one thing that she taught us is that daring is not a sin, she wanted the green card and took it. How many of us dared to do the same? 

I respect her because we live in times in which having children seems impossible and getting married is no longer trendy.  I don't really care what she wears, I like to think that as a woman I have nothing bad to say about her, because every day she wakes up and every day is 100% Chiara, without a single break down. And as a woman, women must be more daring today to make life easier to the women of tomorrow. Chiara, do what you want and what you feel like doing so that tomorrow your life will be no longer criticized to someone who chooses to pursue a career like yours.