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Who is Elodie: from Amici to Bagno a Mezzanotte

All you have to know about the evolution of the Italian pop star

Who is Elodie: from Amici to Bagno a Mezzanotte All you have to know about the evolution of the Italian pop star

Elodie is grown up. She is no longer the shy contestant who was rejected, one step before the live show, by Simona Ventura at the Home Visit of X-Factor, nor the little girl with pink hair who took second place in the 2015 edition of Amici. She is a talented and beautiful woman, aware of who she is, of what she is worth and who has been capable of turning a difficult past into a sparkling future: an album at the top of the charts, a capsule with Sephora and a new adventure as co-host at Sanremo 2021.

Her story begins on May 3, 1990 in the Roman neighborhood of Quartaccio, where she grew up with her street artist father, her mother originally from Guadeloupe in the French Antilles, and her younger sister Fey. She talked about her life on the edge of the suburbs, spent in "a house where there was often no hot water", in many interviews:

My parents separated when I was eight but even before that they weren't very happy, there wasn't a good atmosphere at home. I could make a movie from my eight years old to my 23, with all the characters from my life: even just on the landing there were drug dealers, sexually promiscuous people, alcoholics, my family that wasn't the White Mill family. But the whole neighborhood had pretty recognizable faces: looking at them it's as if I had studied, I loved so many of those people. They gave me the chance to see life with serenity: all things work out and even when you suffer it's lucky, because you're living.

Elodie is instinctive, restless, free, hungry for life. Travels without direction until, at 25 years, she joined Amici. Maria de Filippi's talent gives her a strong discipline, gives her confidence, but, above all, makes her realize that music is her true path. After two albums (Un'altra vita and Tutta colpa mia, both produced by Emma Marrone) and an appearance at the 2017 Sanremo Festival, the singer was launched among the young interpreters of Italian pop of the moment. 

Although her career seems to be going in the right direction, Elodie feels that the role of yet another successful talent star fits her too tightly and decides to take a two-year break to work on herself and her sound. The result is This Is Elodie, an eclectic album, conceived as if it were a playlist with 19 tracks that tell of the many nuances of the thirty-year-old, from the rougher side to the sunny one, from the empathetic and introspective to the "un po' coatta" one. The project has over 50 collaborators and many hits: AndromedaGuaranàPensare male ft. The KolorsMal di testa ft. Fabri FibraMargarita, the song produced by Takagi & Ketra in which she duets with her boyfriend Marracash.

The musical evolution of Elodie also coincides with a new more glamorous and cool look. With the help of stylist Ramona Tabita, the singer becomes an it-girl, partner of PUMA and the muse of Versace that she wears at Sanremo 2020 and at the Venice Film Festival of the same year (remember the metallic silver evening dress that made her look like a goddess?) and on other occasions. Every outfit she shows off is perfect, like the David Koma body-dress chosen for an episode of X Factor and accessorized with Leda Madera earrings or the Jacquemus dress in the video for Parli Parli.

Even hairstyle and beauty are now more sophisticated. The pixie cut which has always distinguished Elodie is often declined in a wet look or accessorized with clips and hairpins, although recently it changed into a bob. The make-up, presented in a capsule for Sephora, leaves the lips bare and focuses on super bold eyebrows and eyes with eyeliner, khol and shades of brown or hints of neon-colored graphics to define the gaze. 

In her debut as co-host in Sanremo 2021 Elodie left everyone speechless and breathless, undoubtedly winning the title of "best look of the Festival" thanks also to the support of stylist Ramona Tabita.

For the second evening and her debut at the Festival, Elodie chooses a bold color that makes her radiant and sensual: from the red cloud of tulle by Giambattista Valli Fall 2019 couture, which unleashed a shower of memes on IG, to the long dress in metal mesh with deep slit by Versace; from the disco queen silver thread dress of Oscar de la Renta's FW20 to the cascade of red ruffles in the latest look, again by Giambattista Valli.

The beauty look is tailor-made for her by make-up artist Daniele Lorusso, MrDanielMakeup in collaboration with Sephora, with whom the singer has recently created a capsule collection. After the Italian singing kermesse, Elodie is confirmed as the new face of Italian pop music with the participation in "Da Grande", in which she presents a medley tribute to Raffaella Carrà with a total look Andrea Adamo. The participation in the film "Ti mangio il cuore" which tells the story of the mafia in Foggia through the eyes of the director Pippo Mezzapesa, based on the novel-investigation of the same name by Carlo Bonini and Giuliano Foschini closes in beauty her 2021, not before having announced the end of her relationship with Fabio Bartolo Rizzo, aka Marracash, closed with peaceful relations so as to release the album of the rapper "Io, Noi, gli Altri" with Elodie on the cover. Today, it is rumored that the two are in a swinging relationship, after the love affair of the singer with Davide Rossi, marketing manager of Armani.

The singer's image rises more and more to the Olympus of fashion in this period, and the partnership started in Sanremo with Donatella Versace continues during the FW22 Fashion Week in February, where the singer sits front-row with custom look composed of corset and cargo pants with the iconic sandals of the brand. The video for Bagno a Mezzanotte, single released in March 2022 and already a summer hit this hot season, is shot by photographers and directors with a strong link between fashion and cinema The Morelli Brothers with styling by Tabita that boasts Dion Lee and Sonora Boots at the singer's feet. Lately, the singer is used to tag Lorenzo Posozzo, the stylist of Dua Lipa in her looks on Instagram, suggesting a further evolution in terms of image ready to manifest itself in the near future.