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Bella Hadid's beauty and style evolution

How the model's look has changed from her debut to nowadays

Bella Hadid's beauty and style evolution How the model's look has changed from her debut to nowadays

Bella Hadid is one of the most popular and successful supermodels of recent years. Since she signed her first deal with IMG Models in 2014, she has walked the runway for all the major brands, from Versace to Burberry, soon stepping out from the shadow of her sister Gigi and becoming one of the most recognizable faces of the fashion system. Over 35 million Instagram followers copy her every look, dreaming of wearing her red carpet dresses or her nineties outfits. But since her debut on the catwalk, Bella's style and beauty choices evolved dramatically, marking the transition from a shy teenager to a young woman aware of her own charm. 

This is how the model's look has changed from the early 2010s to nowadays.



Like Gigi, Bella is blonde. She started dyeing her hair chocolate brown as a teenager, to be different from her sister, opting for a shade that would highlight her pale skin tone and green eyes. Over the years she continued to alternate the two colors, choosing sometimes darker shades, which helped to give her a dark Snow White allure, and sometimes a warm honey blonde. Like every model, Bella loves to play with different hairstyles. Early in her career, the youngest of the Hadid models often wore a low, ballerina bun, with her hair natural, long and straight or wavy and glamorous for the red carpet. Growing up, the 20-year-old fell in love with the 1990s style that translated into high tails, bun, boxer braids and chin bob, the most copied cut of 2020. Remember when for the 2017 edition of the Met Gala she wore a long bob with central parting hairstyle and inward tips, paired with a tight-fitting Alexander Wang jumpsuit, or the messy hairstyle worn at VMA 2020? In recent months, as shown by the many Instagram shots, she appeared in a new look with very long, wavy and degraded hair, darker at the roots and blonde at the tips. With or without bangs framing her beautiful face, brunette or blonde, straight or curly, the result doesn't change and Bella, just like her name, is always beautiful.


Thanks to her face, which, for a well-known London plastic surgeon, is 94.35% close to the perfect size of the golden section, being flawless is easy. Although there have been rumors about the alleged plastic surgery, she learned to highlight her beauty perfectly. Cat-eyes have always been her trademark. Gigi Hadid's sister uses eyeliner to highlight her look, outlining a thin, precise line that thickens and stretches slightly upward in the outermost part of the eye. For special events, this graphic line can be colored, glittered, as for Christian Dior's 2018 annual dance, or it can be enriched with smokey eyeshadow in shades of brown and plum. A touch of black mascara is a must to make the lashes voluminous and sensual, as well as a veil of gloss or, from time to time, red lipstick. 

Over time, Bella's beauty looks have become more sophisticated, showing how Miss Hadid has evolved from a young girl with a round face and very minimal make-up to a woman aware of her sensuality. The contours, thanks to a diet, surgery or contouring and blush sculpting the cheekbones, have become sharper, making the model increasingly similar to another iconic top: Carla Bruni.



On the catwalk, Bella goes effortlessly from tomboy look to femme fatale, swapping men's suits for tight-fitting mini dresses, biker shorts with sheer shirts and waist pants with elegant evening dresses. The same versatility defines even her daily style, even if, in this case, dominates a streetwise approach that, over the years, has become more and more sophisticated and influenced by the '90s. At eighteen years old she was, as evidenced by the shots of the old Coachella editions, a typical SoCal girls in denim shorts and sweatshirts, boho tops and basic t-shirts. Growing up she went through, like every teenager, a dark phase in which she always wore black, while in her first years as a model her airport look was a casual-sporting mix of sneakers, leggings, adidas jumpsuits, hoodies and joggers. Now that she is at the height of her success, Hadid has learned to dare with refined outfits that reflect her different moods and emphasized her perfect body. Bella alternates bodycon dresses and oversized masculine suits, micro cardigans and workwear vests, bustier and fleece jackets, but also major brands and young designers like Charlotte Knowles, Bode, My Mum Made and Juliet Johnstone.