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The ultimate guide for a do-it-yourself manicure

nss G-Club's tips for nail polishes and hand creams to shop now

The ultimate guide for a do-it-yourself manicure nss G-Club's tips for nail polishes and hand creams to shop now

If it was traumatic to give up the classic coffee and brioche-based breakfast at the bar, the need to renounce the usual appointment at the beauty salon is even more traumatic. For those who consider nail art a real business card and a ritual that is impossible to give up, the solution is an accurate DIY manicure.

In fact, we need to do without semi-permanent, gels, reconstructions, manicures and professional pedicures for a while. It almost seems like we have to go back to using the highlighter or the whitebait, just as we used to do at school where the optical white French of the whitebait and the fluorescent colours of the Stabilo were our personalized nail art.

Do not despair, in fact, many nail artists have decided not to abandon their customers and continue to follow them virtually suggesting which nail polishes to use and how to apply them correctly.
The variants are many: there are those who opt for the super colourful glossy one, or for the classic nude and, for those who feel a little more confident with the brush, an option is also the application of pearls, glitters or small light details that give our nail art a graphic and geometric touch with a professional result.

We can find all this variety of options illustrated step by step on the Instagram account of the nail artist Isabella Franchi, @unghiedellamadonna, who offers DIY tutorials to be recreated at home; she teaches us how to draw flowers or hearts on our nails, how to apply gems to embellish them, or how to create a neon ombrè nail art with a precise, clean and delicate result.

Come ci suggeriscono gli ultimi trend dettati dalle nail artist e non solo, i colori di tendenza del momento sono i classici neutri, come il perla, il beige, o il cipria; il rosa, che comprenderà le tonalità corallo, pesca e salmone; il classic blue, tonalità scelta da Pantone come colore dell’anno; il pastel yellow, colore saturo di feels primaverili; il verde menta, tonalità pastello dalla delicata freschezza estiva; il total white, che va a richiamare la spuma del mare; e per finire la classica French manicure, evergreen che con la sua semplicità dona alle nostre unghie un tocco elegante e soft-glam.

As the latest trends dictated by nail artists and not only suggest, the trend colours of the moment are the neutral classics, such as pearl, beige, or face powder; pink, which will include coral, peach and salmon shades; classic blue, the shade chosen by Pantone as the colour of the year; pastel yellow, the color of spring feels; mint green, with delicate summer freshness; total white, which recalls the foam of the sea; and finally the classic French manicure, an evergreen that with its simplicity gives our nails an elegant and soft-glam touch.

Hand care is also necessary for an excellent manicure; moisturizing and repairing creams or essential and vegetable oils can make our hands bright, scented and soft if we apply them daily.

Below, we have selected for you the best nail polishes and hand creams to create the perfect quarantine manicure.