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Goodbye scrub, welcome dry-brushing

An innovative technique to exfoliate and improve our skin

Goodbye scrub, welcome dry-brushing An innovative technique to exfoliate and improve our skin

Today's beauty secret comes from exotic and faraway places, which at the moment we can only dream about. It seems that this ancient technique was used by Cleopatra, while today it is still very common among Indian and Japanese women. Obviously it has also conquered many celebrities such as Miranda Kerr, Cindy Crawford and the ever-present Gwyneth Paltrow - and these days it also appeared in the stories of some Italian influencers, like @rockandfiocc and @sarinski_

We're talking about dry brushing, which is a practice used to exfoliate the skin, a little different from the classic scrubs we're all more used to. 

It consists of rubbing a brush with natural bristles on the strictly dry skin (that's the key!), with circular movements starting from the bottom, gently. Vigorous but painless, you will fall in love with this massage.

In addition to exfoliating and removing dead cells, thus avoiding the formation of ingrown hairs and chapped areas, this technique allows you to achieve another very important result: it helps eliminate fat deposits and reduces cellulite, giving thighs and buttocks a more toned and firm appearance. It’s a real body shaper, even in the most critical areas. By stimulating the blood circulation and lymphatic system, it improves the oxygenation of the skin making it visibly healthier and brighter, with overall better oxygenation.

When to do it 
We know, the classic steps for the perfect beauty routine are already a lot and it may seem that we have no time for anything else. Actually, now is the perfect time to start, to make the most out of this extra time that we are spending at home, and because it is a good way to prepare our skin for the tan of the upcoming summer. Moreover, 3 minutes of dry brushing per day is enough to see the first results. If you have particularly sensitive skin, 3 times a week is recommended. 

How to do it 
Start from the bottom, from the feet, proceeding then upwards, brushing firmly and applying light pressure. You have to make wide and deep movements in an anti-clockwise direction, going up towards the knees and then moving on to the thighs, hips and buttocks. On the stomach, move with clockwise movements, up to the chest. Then move to the back and brush the lower part upwards and from the shoulders downwards. On the arms instead, go from the hand to the elbow and then from the elbow to the shoulder. 

Which brush to use
On the market, there are brushes in many shapes, fabrics and with bristles of different materials. The good news is that they are all quite cheap, here we collected our favourites.


nss G-Club special tips

1. The best time to do dry brushing is in the morning, before anything else, because its revitalizing action stimulates blood circulation. Perfect to start the day with a burst of energy!
2. Try brushing the most "critic" areas several times, focus on the parts that need more attention.
3. Remember to wash the brush with soap and water at least once a week, letting it air dry.  
4. Do not practice on herpes, wounds, scabs, psoriasis, eczema.
5. For those with very sensitive skin, the ideal is a brush with coconut bristles, avoid Tampico bristles instead.
6. Once you are familiar with the movements, try also face dry brushing, using a special brush. 
7. Let your boyfriend try it before shaving, but remember not to share the same brush!