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nss G-Club Beauty Secret: hair towel

A beauty secret dedicated to the hair-care

nss G-Club Beauty Secret: hair towel A beauty secret dedicated to the hair-care

Also for this week, the beauty secret of nss G-Club is dedicated to hair care. And we have to admit, there are so many discussions about the best skincare routine, but when it comes to hair-care routine, not all of us are equally prepared. This is why last week we recommended a daily (or rather nightly) beauty hack to improve the health of your hair. We all have the good habit of going to the hairdresser, buying a quality shampoo and conditioner and applying a mask from time to time, but at nss G-Club we want to try to go one step further, improving our hair-care and lifestyle.

Perhaps an ambitious premise, but what's more precious than your time? Is there anything more annoying than washing and blow-drying your hair? That's right, the answer is NOTHING.
That's probably the main reason why Britta Cox came up with the idea of a revolutionary towel, capable of blow-drying hair in half the usual time. Therefore, tired of planning ahead the dreaded moment of washing, fitting it between work, travel, gym and social life (we feel you, Britta), our heroine created AQUIS

Inspired by the technical sports fabrics discovered and studied during her career in the ski industry, Britta was able to design an ultra-thin and light towel, made up of ultra-fine absorbent fibres, thinner than silk. This accessory is different from a normal face or body towel, being designed specifically for the hair.
Extra bonus: the hair towel reduces frizz and limits breakage and damage to the hair, which is at the peak of fragility while wet. The AQUIS Hair Towel quickly absorbs the water that remains in the keratin of the hair, making it less swollen and creating a uniform layer of humidity, ideal for styling. Just keep them wrapped for a while over the head in the classic turban.

The towel is available in different colours and in different sizes as well: a turban, practical and ready to roll up your hair with ease, or in a "standard" towel format, and also in a special format for longer hair.

Maybe your friends with practical (but cool) bob cuts will not fully understand the enthusiasm, but the "team long/ very-long hair" and the curly / very curly girls will certainly do. A truly revolutionary and functional accessory, word of G-Club, and with a cost under 30 euros. 

We are in good company because a survey carried out on over 200 consumers shows that in addition to halving drying times, the AQUIS Hair Towel also makes hair easier to style, shinier and preserves colour for longer. In short, it is confirmed that AQUIS brings visible improvement to the hair. 

And if all these words are still not enough, here some fun facts: in the Press section of their website, there are is series of enthusiastic reviews including the one from Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow's e-commerce which made headlines for the recent combo candle with a "special" perfume + series on Netflix.
Also, Meghan Markle's hairstylist is a fan of the product, introducing it to the Duchess of Sussex - and we bet Megan brought it with her to Canada, considering that the towel also has a perfect travel size.