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nss G-Club Giveaway: Honieh Beauty

nss G-Club Giveaway: Honieh Beauty

Behind one of the most interesting beauty brands of the last few years are hiding the creativity and the taste of a woman that has rewritten the rules of fashion. Honieh Beauty is, in fact, the result of Erika Boldrin's passion for a healthy and vegan lifestyle, that favours natural ingredients that can make a difference in health and wellbeing. 

Power To Go Vitamin Serum is the perfect treatment for stressed skins. Characterized by a great quantity of natural and multi vitaminic ingredients, this serum moisturizes, stimulates and revitalizes all skin types. Soft Cloud Face Cleansing Mousse is the natural cleanser to start and end your day with: an essential product in the beauty routine of every woman, it cleanses and removes make-up. Deep Detox Nutritive Face Mask is on the other hand designed for dry skins. To be used everyday or when skin needs an extra boost, apply to the face and leave for about 10 minutes for a purifying and soothing action. 

Where to BuyHonieh Beauty

Price: Power To Go Vitamin Serum €42, Soft Cloud Face Cleansing Mousse €19, Deep Detox Nutritive Face Mask €32. 


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