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Nécessaire, the beauty brand for the body care

'Personal care is self care'

Nécessaire, the beauty brand for the body care 'Personal care is self care'

Created by the co-founder of Into The Gloss - Nick Axelrod - and by a former Estée Lauder employee - Randi Christiansen - Nécessaire is one of the most interesting beauty brands for skincare. With clean formulas and high performances, the products are the result of meticulous research to guarantee high levels of effectiveness and quality while working for the health and the wellness of whoever uses them. 

By using natural ingredients only, Nécessaire has therefore reinvented self-care. "We believe that personal care is self-care and that self-care is a need", stated the two founders, who were inspired by a beauty concept that recalls the essentials elements of everyday life. 

Exactly from this idea, a new approach to beauty was generated, characterized by more neutral, performing, sustainable products, great to maintain the natural pH of the skin. In an industry where the main resources are focused towards the skin of the face, the attention for body care has become fundamental and that's why Nécessarie managed to stand out so quickly in such a crowded market. 

The body category is full of cocoa and Shea butter, but one of the things we want to accomplish is getting people to treating their body like their face because there's a lot of skin from the neck down. That’s why we use like ingredients that you find in skincare products like acids, niacinamide, and other vitamins to address concerns like dryness, aging, and exfoliation.

The hero product of the brand is The Body Lotion. The ingredients used are pretty simple, but the real challenge was creating a very rich formula that would reinforce and tone up the skin, but that would also absorb quickly. Moreover, it doesn't contain mineral oils and silicons that are often used in other body care products. 
Very interesting is also their approach to sustainability. It's not a coincidence that has progressively implemented a sustainable process, above all when it comes to the packaging of the items. 

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