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The creepy and odd beauty looks from Gucci's latest show

Made of fake eyelashes applied on the eyebrows

The creepy and odd beauty looks from Gucci's latest show Made of fake eyelashes applied on the eyebrows

Sunday afternoon. The Gucci Hub transformed into a sort of aseptic clinic where models parade on treadmills is the set chosen by Alessandro Michele to present the SS20 collection guided by a special mission: 

To give a glimpse of fields of possibility, to suggest clues and openings, to cultivate promises of beauty, to make diversity sacred and to feed an indispensable capacity for self-determination. 

To do this, it is necessary to free ourselves from stereotypes, from the uniforms that we are forced to wear every day, uniforms that repress us like the 60 straitjackets that open the show. We have to remove structures, undress and let our unique and natural beauty emerge. So, let's go for clean faces and nude looks. This time Gucci opts for the absence of make-up. Just a generous touch of Gucci's Baume à Lèvres Lip Balm in tonality 1, a transparent lip gloss that, reflecting the warm white lights of the catwalk, gave an even fresher and cleaner effect to the nude and natural complexion of the models. 

Without the help of eye shadows or eyeliners to capture the public's gaze, make-up artist Thomas de Kluyver focused everything on fake eyelashes. But don't think that the result is a classic ultra-glamour femme fatale look because de Kluyver remains faithful to the bizarre mood that has characterized Michele's creations so far and reworks the famous 1960s doll eyes loved by Twiggy. The new version is obtained by superimposing the false eyelashes also on the eyebrows. The result is a strange and almost disturbing, ugly, graphic effect that perhaps will not be replicated in everyday life, but it could be an easy idea to replicate for Halloween. 

The nail art is definitely a must. At Gucci, the nails are very long, square, painted in nude tones, except for the little finger which is black, and with the lower lunette white. 

The best hairstyles to frame and enhance the nude look of the models are disordered bobsleigh, geometric braids, micro bangs, and basic hairpins. 

Impossible not to mention for all make-up addicts the lipstick cartridge holder worn on the catwalk at the ankle, on the arms, and on the gloves.