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MIA Korff is the new skincare line designed for the Millennial generation

5 new products that bring out the natural beauty of the face

MIA Korff is the new skincare line designed for the Millennial generation 5 new products that bring out the natural beauty of the face

Over the last few years, the beauty industry has rediscovered its love and passion for the skincare, that has now become an essential part of the beauty routine of every woman. Young women interested in the care and in the cleaning of their faces love to treat themselves with relaxing moments thanks to masks, facials, facial treatments, and they'd rather spend their money on good products for their skincare rather than on thick and heavy primers. Millennial girls, in particular, seem to be especially interested in discovering the best products and tricks for clean and healthy skin. 

The Millennial audience is the target of the new line by Korff, a leading scientific-cosmetic brand that has been at the forefront in the research and development of skincare products and make-up, that all have as objective the protection and the health of the skin. MIA Korff is the new line of 5 products made with superfruits which bring out the natural beauty of the face. Superfruits are the most cutting-edge ingredients in the cosmetic industry: their concentration of vitamins, proteins and mineral salts makes them real energy booster for the skin. The final aim is to have elastic and homogenous skin, without imperfections, super hydrated, and naturally glowing. 

During the development of the line, Korff has collaborated with the students of the Sole 24 OreComunicazione digital media and social strategy master, a unique occasion to get in touch with the world of the Millennials to understand closely their relationship with cosmetics and beauty. The dialogue between different generations is perfectly reflected in the campaign of the MIA Korff line, which stars Filippa Lagerback and her daughter Stella Bossari, lensed once again by Nima Benati

The MIA Korff line, pop, and fun consists of 5 different products, available at the pharmacy and online on the MIA Korff website


Cleanser and Bubble Mask (Clean) 

A soft cleansing cream that in just a few minutes turns into a mask made of bubbles. It cleanses and hydrates the skin, giving a feeling of freshness and comfort. Made with extracts of fig tree and blueberry. 


Cleansing Stick and Scrub (Scrub)

One step solution, cleanser, and scrub all in one stick. Compact and functional packaging, with extracts of blueberry, orange, and lemon. 


Water Bomb Cream Hydrating Facial (Hydrate

An intensive hydrating cream that gives a feeling of freshness and comfort. The skin is hydrated, elastic, soothed and naturally glowing. With extracts of the fig tree and oil of grape seeds. 


Mat Effect Eye Area Gel (Refresh)

A gel designed for the ey area with a fresh and light texture. It reduces the bags under the eyes, it alleviates the signs of tiredness, while brightening the look. Its matt effect improves the final make-up look, the metal brush gives a nice sensation of freshness. With extracts of the fig tree and watermelon. 


Glitter Face Mask (Lighten)

A light, shining face mask that hydrates the skin in just a few minutes. It provides the skin with smoothness and hydration, as long as a brightening effect. With extracts of fig tree and apricot. 

To get to know even better the MIA Korff world and its products mark your calendars: on Thursday, September 12th at the Dream Factory there will be a private beauty talk (by invitation only) where all the benefits and the innovative features of the line will be explained, followed by a launch event with the DJ set by Sol Begino. A unique and ultrafeminine night immersed in the beauty world while sipping G.H. Mumm Champagne. 

The event will take place on Thursday, September 12th @ Dream Factory – Corso Garibaldi 117, Milan h 19 - 21.30
To enter the event register free here