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Espressoh is the Italian beauty brand you need to know

The scent of coffee and a new take on the concept of beauty meet in this innovative brand

Espressoh is the Italian beauty brand you need to know The scent of coffee and a new take on the concept of beauty meet in this innovative brand

Over the last few years, the beauty industry has become the real giant of a field that has placed at the centre of the debate skincare and the enhancement of oneself through make-up, highlighting also the most creative side of beauty, and through tutorial videos by make-up artists, Instagram pages and blogs dedicated to the topic. 

In such a saturated market, filled with make-up collections and labels, Espressoh is a breath of fresh air. Designed and produced entirely in Italy, since its name the brand draws inspiration from an icon of the Italian lifestyle, coffee, whose scent enriches the seven lipsticks of the brand, all sharing the same soft texture. Along with these products, Espressoh designs also a mascara that guarantees longer and thicker eyelashes, and a light concealer that hides all the imperfections without weighing down. Three basic and simple products that are the foundation of the beauty routine of every woman: you don't need anything else for a fresh and elegant look. It's clear the intention to go back to a simple, minimal and easy beauty routine, but made with quality products that ensure great results with a little effort. 

We wanted to know more about the brand and its philosophy, so we reached out to Chiara Cascella, founder of Espressoh, and Giuseppe Damato, communication director of the brand. Here's what they told us. 


#1 How did the idea of creating Espressoh come about? 

The idea was born from the will to give life to the first 100% Italian indie beauty brand that was innovative, disruptive and over the top. A revolutionary concept in the beauty world. An essential but at the same time strong and powerful make-up, just like an espresso. 


#2 What's the idea of beauty at the core of the project? 

A strong-willed beauty, a concept that leaves free interpretation. For some, it could be a nude total look, for others a moka nuance both on the eyes and on the lips. Individuality is the new inclusivity.


#3 How and where are your products developed and manufactured? 

Our products are entirely developed and produced in Italy. Chiara identifies the must-have products, the basics every woman needs, and for all of them, she looks for innovative formulas that have a wow effect and that are also easy to use. There's no point in pretending to be all make-up artists: for us works the old saying 'minimum effort, maximum results'. 


#4 In your lipstick line pretty dark nuances prevail, not typically girly colours. Is this how you see the Espressoh woman? 

Rather than dark, we would define our woman as authentic. The selected nuances are totally wearable and don't refer to a hypothetical woman, but to a woman that really exists. The concept of real make-up, or more generally, the idea of 'real', is a key element of the brand, as well as the starting point of our communication strategy. 

#5 What can Espressoh add to the beauty routine of every woman? 

Cool simplicity and caffeine, of course! 


#6 The brand has a very strong and recognizable aesthetic, which seems to share a special bond with the world of fashion. How much does such a curated image matter in the promotion of your products? 

Really a lot. Being able to communicate in such a coordinated way the soul of the brand is essential for us. It doesn't matter whether it's make-up or fashion. Communicative and visual trends need to be listened to, analyzed and adapted to your own brand identity. That's exactly what Giuseppe does. 

Day after day we listen with great sensitivity to our audience and we try to offer in our own way exactly what they want to see. 

#7 What are you working on at the moment and what can we expect in the next future? 

We're currently working in new coffee additions, definitely out by the end of 2019! 

One of our goals is to take Espressoh outside of Italy, representing the best of Made in Italy also in the beauty industry. 


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