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The Song of Style case

How the mega influencer Aimee Song has turned her blog into a global brand

The Song of Style case How the mega influencer Aimee Song has turned her blog into a global brand

We can easily state that no other social network can boast the special bond Instagram shares with the fashion world, an industry that here has met unprecedented growth, also in terms of popularity. Instagram is now in every aspect a platform for online shopping, a place where our customers' desires are shaped and satisfied.

Therefore, it shouldn't surprise us that an influencer like Aimee Song, better known as @songofstyle, has decided to design a fashion collection. Song is a real veteran of the industry, she opened her blog almost 10 years ago, over the course of the years she established herself first as a blogger and then as an influencer. It's not the first time that a personality like her adventures into the fashion world designing her own collection: over the last few years Chiara Ferragni has built an empire, between her own brands and various collaborations, the same happened for Danielle Bernstein, whose swimwear collection sold $2 million worth of items in the first 12 hours; similar careers as the ones of Chriselle Lim and Leandra Medine

That's the point: the market is filled with collections designed by influencers. What differentiates Aimee Song, though, is that behind the launch of her label there's a much more structured and layered economic and marketing plan, and for this, probably even more successful. Song has joined forces through a long-term contract with Revolve, an absolutely innovative and modern e-retailer.
But first things first.

'It's your favourite Song, Aimee Song'

Song, 32 years old, born and raised in LA, is in all respects what you would call a mega influencer. In the beginning, she would split her days between her work as an interior designer and her blog Song Of Style, which over the course of the years turned into a full-time job. The blog first saw the light 10 years ago, and from then until now the world of fashion communication has radically changed with the rise of Instagram, so much that the title of influencer has replaced the blogger one, partially sharing the same functions. Song's strong point is her honesty, she speaks without filters and with irony to an increasingly strong and powerful community. Now Aimee Song has 5,5 million Instagram followers, and a growing number of subscribers to her YouTube channel opened two and a half years ago. 

Song wrote two books - both in the New York Times bestselling list - where she gives advice and tips on outfits and looks, moreover she works closely with high-fashion brands with the likes of Louis VuittonChloé and Self-Portrait. Aimee had never designed an entire collection before, a few years ago she created a series of T-shirts with her sister for charity purposes, but nothing more. Her collaboration with sunglasses brand Gentle Monster, though, went sold out in 22 minutes. 

Revolve Revolution 

You've definitely come across the hashtag #revolvearoundtheworld on Instagram (often under Aimee's posts), without understanding exactly what it stood for. Revolve is an online retailer that has revolutionized digital shopping and advertising as we know it. The advertisement and the engagement created by Revolve, in fact, is carried out only through the activations of influencers. The formula is simple: they take a group of influential personalities (with a big following on IG), they send them to an exotic, beautiful and super Instagram-friendly location wearing pieces available only on the Revolve website, and the game is made. The annual trip that Revolve organizes on the occasion of Coachella has now become a real tradition, while for the launch of Song Of Style Aimee and friends flew to Lisbon. 

This kind of operation is now widely popular also among high-fashion Maisons - Dior basically relaunched the Saddle Bag on Instagram - and other luxury retailers like Net-a-Porter and Moda Operandi, but Revolve was one of the firsts to realize how effective the influencer marketing strategy was, counting now over 3,500 influencers in their network. 

Song Of Style x Revolve 

With the label, Song Of Style Revolve adds a new chapter to its strategy. The e-retailer has in fact given life to a long-term partnership with Aimee Song, who's in charge of designing the pieces, that are then produced by Alliance Apparel, the manufacturer of the e-commerce platform. Only after a multi-annual exclusive agreement the influencer, who has the ownership of the brand, will have the chance to decide whether to sell it on other online retailers. The operation plans on dropping between 40 to 60 pieces each month, in order to consistently provide followers and customers with fresh product. Sizes will run through XXL, and prices will top out around $300. The first drop of the collection, released on Monday, May 13, is almost completely sold out. 

The price tag is definitely a pivotal characteristic of the collection, as well as one of the reasons why Song decided to give life to a brand in the first place.

I'm if wearing designer pieces, my followers are like, "Where can I get that look for less? I think that's a little too hard for me to wear, but I want you to make it more accessible. How do I do that?" On the site, I've always had, "Okay, [how do I] get this look or something similar." Those always did really well for my audience. 

In an interview published on Fashionista, Song discussed the origin of the project, the special bond she shares with Revolve - they started collaborating seven years ago - and she has revealed the intention to expand the collection with footwear, swimwear and accessories. The Song Of Style designs is the result of a mix of different inspirations, from 90's top models to Dynasty silhouettes, from Samantha's style from Sex and the City to Lady D's aesthetic, for a series of young, fresh and colourful looks. 

It was just a matter of time before Aimee designed her own collection, it was almost an unavoidable step. Looking at the collection, though, it's quite difficult to find a really original piece or an unforgettable item: cuts, prints, silhouettes, aesthetic, everything is designed to perform at best on Instagram, maybe less in real life. Even though the Instagram aesthetic as we knew it is over, Aimee Song's aesthetic is alive and well, ready to turn followers into influencers.