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The Instagram account for hairpins addicted


The Instagram account for hairpins addicted #hairporn

Headbands, clips, scrunchies, ribbons, bows, crowns, barrette and lots of hairpins. These accessories, long left in the drawer of the 90s-00s, have become absolute protagonists of hairstyle. Of course, now they are declined in the deluxe version, covered with rhinestones, crystals, colored pearls, studs but, in the end, always remain the same useful allies of style of all time. It is no longer worth the diktat sanctioned in a famous episode of Sex & the City during which Carrie Bradshaw declared:

"No woman would be caught dead at a hip downtown restaurant wearing a scrunchie".

The designers freed us from any sense of guilt or fear of looking like kitsch elevating clothespins & co. a must have essentials. A perfect example is Alexander Wang, who, together with the hair stylist Guido Palau, has legitimized the flasks calling them "banana clips" and filling them with a logo; Simone Rocha with its Victorian-style pearl clasps; Ashley Williams has relaunched the rhinestone-slogan hairpins as a symbol of feminine emancipation and self-assertion from the twist girly and Rodarte who in her beautiful FW19 fashion show has filled the models' hair with flowers.

From the catwalks, this new (vintage) trend has invaded social networks becoming a mania. On Instagram, the images that show backstage shots of fashion week or it girl who show off attractive hairstyle are as many as the dedicated accounts. One of the most interesting is definitely @at_a_clip. This profile created by the digital editor Tilly Macalister-Smith (already behind @earafterear, the paradise of statement earrings) is the new must-follow, the ultimate destination for all the bars and hairpins addicted. To those who ask her why these accessories are back on the contemporary fashion scene, the woman answers:

"As fashion becomes more casual, we are looking to our accessories to bring us more and more joy. We can afford to be playful and not so serious with our accessories, which don’t have to be such an investment cost wise. These micro trends are often unrelated to big seasonal catwalk trends and are so well suited to the social space because they are so visually strong and quite a simple, playful message."

This is the secret of the success of the phenomenon: a small detail, often inexpensive, capable not only of giving strength to an outfit, but also of defusing it. Tilly's reference icon? Obviously, Margot Tenenbaum, the boho-hipster queen of Wes Anderson's movies, with her look and her hairpins, continues to inspire millions of girls and stylists.

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